Micron patents granted on 26 February 2008

29 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,337,404 Graphical representation of system information on a remote computer
2 7,337,088 Intelligent measurement modular semiconductor parametric test system
3 7,336,548 Clock generating circuit with multiple modes of operation
4 7,336,547 Memory device having conditioning output data
5 7,336,541 NAND flash memory cell programming
6 7,336,537 Handling defective memory blocks of NAND memory devices
7 7,336,536 Handling defective memory blocks of NAND memory devices
8 7,336,531 Multiple level cell memory device with single bit per cell, re-mappable memory block
9 7,336,522 Apparatus and method to reduce undesirable effects caused by a fault in a memory device
10 7,336,430 Extended depth of field using a multi-focal length lens with a controlled range of spherical aberration and a centrally obscured aperture
11 7,336,111 Fast-locking digital phase locked loop
12 7,336,106 Phase detector and method having hysteresis characteristics
13 7,336,084 Delay lock circuit having self-calibrating loop
14 7,335,994 Semiconductor component having multiple stacked dice
15 7,335,988 Use of palladium in IC manufacturing with conductive polymer bump
16 7,335,985 Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
17 7,335,981 Methods for creating electrophoretically insulated vias in semiconductive substrates
18 7,335,978 Semiconductor component having stiffener, circuit decal and terminal contacts
19 7,335,968 High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
20 7,335,965 Packaging of electronic chips with air-bridge structures
21 7,335,963 Light block for pixel arrays
22 7,335,962 Photonic crystal-based lens elements for use in an image sensor
23 7,335,958 Tailoring gate work-function in image sensors
24 7,335,935 Semiconductor structures
25 7,335,571 Method of making a semiconductor device having an opening in a solder mask
26 7,335,533 Methods for assembling semiconductor devices in superimposed relation with adhesive material defining the distance adjacent semiconductor devices are spaced apart from one another
27 7,335,525 Method and structure to reduce optical crosstalk in a solid state imager
28 7,335,396 Methods for controlling mass flow rates and pressures in passageways coupled to reaction chambers and systems for depositing material onto microfeature workpieces in reaction chambers
29 RE40,114 Tungsten silicide (WSIX) deposition process for semiconductor manufacture