Micron patents granted on 26 February 2013

17 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,386,895 Enhanced multilevel memory
2 8,386,886 Method, system, and apparatus for distributed decoding during prolonged refresh
3 8,386,724 Methods and apparatus for designating or using data status indicators
4 8,386,695 Methods and apparatus for writing data to non-volatile memory
5 8,385,123 Programming to mitigate memory cell performance differences
6 8,385,121 Memory adapted to program a number of bits to a memory cell and read a different number of bits from the memory cell
7 8,385,118 Multi-pass programming in a memory device
8 8,385,112 Variable resistance memory with lattice array using enclosing transistors
9 8,384,814 CMOS imager with integrated circuitry
10 8,384,200 Semiconductor device assemblies including face-to-face semiconductor dice and systems including such assemblies
11 8,384,192 Methods for forming small-scale capacitor structures
12 8,384,148 Method of making a floating gate non-volatile MOS semiconductor memory device with improved capacitive coupling
13 8,384,142 Non-planar thin fin transistor
14 8,384,105 Light emitting diodes with enhanced thermal sinking and associated methods of operation
15 8,383,504 Method for providing electrical connections to spaced conductive lines
16 8,383,301 Methods of fabricating reticles with subdivided blocking regions
17 8,382,941 Plasma reactor with adjustable plasma electrodes and associated methods