Micron patents granted on 26 January 2016

17 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,246,382 Charge pump including supply voltage-based control signal level
2 9,246,100 Memory cell array structures and methods of forming the same
3 9,246,093 Phase change memory cell with self-aligned vertical heater and low resistivity interface
4 9,246,051 Solid state lighting devices with reduced crystal lattice dislocations and associated methods of manufacturing
5 9,245,987 Semiconductor devices and fabrication methods
6 9,245,964 Integrated circuitry comprising nonvolatile memory cells and methods of forming a nonvolatile memory cell
7 9,245,927 Semiconductor constructions, memory cells and memory arrays
8 9,245,926 Apparatuses and methods including memory access in cross point memory
9 9,245,923 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a colossal magneto-capacitive material being formed close to a channel region of a transistor
10 9,245,893 Semiconductor constructions having grooves dividing active regions
11 9,245,646 Program verify operation in a memory device
12 9,245,620 Drift acceleration in resistance variable memory
13 9,245,598 Circuitry and methods minimizing output switching noise through split-level signaling and bus division enabled by a third power supply
14 9,245,597 Reference voltage generators and sensing circuits
15 9,244,479 Current generator circuit and methods for providing an output current
16 9,244,477 Reference voltage generation for single-ended communication channels
17 9,242,103 Relay module for implant