Micron patents granted on 26 June 2012

21 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,209,521 Methods of indirect register access including automatic modification of a directly accessible address register
2 8,209,477 Non-volatile memory device having assignable network identification
3 8,209,447 Device to device flow control within a chain of devices
4 8,208,334 Systems, memories, and methods for refreshing memory arrays
5 8,208,322 Non-volatile memory control
6 8,208,278 Couplings within memory devices
7 8,208,277 Memory modules and memory devices having memory device stacks, and method of forming same
8 8,208,241 Crystallographically orientated tantalum pentoxide and methods of making same
9 8,207,768 Digital locked loops and methods with configurable operating parameters
10 8,207,614 Methods for forming arrays of small, closely spaced features
11 8,207,599 Method and apparatus for directing molding compound flow and resulting semiconductor device packages
12 8,207,588 Method and apparatus providing analytical device and operating method based on solid state image sensor
13 8,207,583 Memory device comprising an array portion and a logic portion
14 8,207,582 Semiconductor devices including dual gate structures
15 8,207,570 Semiconductor constructions
16 8,207,564 Memory cell, pair of memory cells, and memory array
17 8,207,557 Cross-point memory structures
18 8,207,041 Semiconductor processing methods
19 8,207,032 Methods of forming pluralities of vertical transistors, and methods of forming memory arrays
20 8,207,016 Methods of cooling semiconductor dies
21 8,206,603 Methods of etching nanodots, methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices and device structures, methods of etching a layer comprising a late transition metal, and methods of forming a plurality of transistor gate constructions