Micron patents granted on 26 October 2010

21 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,823,024 Memory hub tester interface and method for use thereof
2 7,822,911 Memory device and method with on-board cache system for facilitating interface with multiple processors, and computer system using same
3 7,822,904 Capturing read data
4 7,822,076 Apparatus for multiplexing signals through I/O pins
5 7,821,848 External clock tracking pipelined latch scheme
6 7,821,831 Block erase for volatile memory
7 7,821,830 Flash memory device with redundant columns
8 7,821,810 Phase change memory adaptive programming
9 7,821,555 Multi path power for CMOS imagers
10 7,821,321 Semiconductor temperature sensor using bandgap generator circuit
11 7,821,291 Digital calibration circuits, devices and systems including same, and methods of operation
12 7,821,142 Intermediate semiconductor device structures
13 7,821,108 Systems and methods for lowering interconnect capacitance through adjustment of relative signal levels
14 7,821,107 Die stacking with an annular via having a recessed socket
15 7,821,052 Method for forming a buried digit line with self aligning spacing layer and contact plugs during the formation of a semiconductor device, semiconductor devices, and systems including same
16 7,821,048 Double density MRAM with planar processing
17 7,820,545 Methods of forming conductive interconnects
18 7,820,506 Capacitors, dielectric structures, and methods of forming dielectric structures
19 7,820,484 Wafer level packaging
20 7,820,459 Methods relating to the reconstruction of semiconductor wafers for wafer level processing including forming of alignment protrusion and removal of alignment material
21 7,819,005 Sensor and transducer devices comprising carbon nanotubes, methods of making and using the same