Micron patents granted on 27 December 2011

24 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,086,920 Method of controlling a test mode of a circuit
2 8,086,916 System and method for running test and redundancy analysis in parallel
3 8,086,913 Methods, apparatus, and systems to repair memory
4 8,086,790 Non-volatile memory device having assignable network identification
5 8,085,612 Method and apparatus for managing behavior of memory devices
6 8,085,606 Input-output line sense amplifier having adjustable output drive capability
7 8,085,596 Reducing noise in semiconductor devices
8 8,085,594 Reading technique for memory cell with electrically floating body transistor
9 8,085,591 Charge loss compensation during programming of a memory device
10 8,085,584 Memory to store user-configurable data polarity
11 8,084,866 Microelectronic devices and methods for filling vias in microelectronic devices
12 8,084,854 Pass-through 3D interconnect for microelectronic dies and associated systems and methods
13 8,084,846 Balanced semiconductor device packages including lead frame with floating leads and associated methods
14 8,084,845 Subresolution silicon features and methods for forming the same
15 8,084,843 N well implants to separate blocks in a flash memory device
16 8,084,808 Zirconium silicon oxide films
17 8,084,806 Isolation structure for a memory cell using A1.sub.2O.sub.3 dielectric
18 8,084,370 Hafnium tantalum oxynitride dielectric
19 8,084,355 Methods of forming copper-comprising conductive lines in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
20 8,084,345 Methods of forming dispersions of nanoparticles, and methods of forming flash memory cells
21 8,084,322 Method of manufacturing devices having vertical junction edge
22 8,084,296 Methods for reducing stress in microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed using such methods
23 8,084,142 Methods of forming conductive contacts to source/drain regions and methods of forming local interconnects
24 8,083,953 Registered structure formation via the application of directed thermal energy to diblock copolymer films