Micron patents granted on 27 December 2016

20 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,531,364 Two-stage phase mixer circuit
2 9,531,363 Methods and apparatuses including command latency control circuit
3 9,530,959 Magnetic tunnel junctions
4 9,530,927 Light emitting devices with built-in chromaticity conversion and methods of manufacturing
5 9,530,842 Semiconductor devices
6 9,530,837 Integrated circuitry and methods of forming transistors
7 9,530,794 Apparatuses having a ferroelectric field-effect transistor memory array and related method
8 9,530,748 Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing packaged microelectronic devices
9 9,530,683 Forming source/drain zones with a dielectric plug over an isolation region between active regions
10 9,530,497 Systems, methods and devices for programming a multilevel resistive memory cell
11 9,530,477 Apparatuses and methods for setting a signal in variable resistance memory
12 9,530,475 Independently addressable memory array address spaces
13 9,530,473 Apparatuses and methods for timing provision of a command to input circuitry
14 9,530,470 Method and apparatus for pre-charging data lines in a memory cell array
15 9,530,459 Semiconductor memory device including a repeater circuit on main data lines
16 9,530,327 System and method for managing continued attention to distance-learning content
17 9,529,736 Apparatus, electronic devices and methods associated with an operative transition from a first interface to a second interface
18 9,529,734 Smart storage device
19 9,529,713 Line termination methods and apparatus
20 9,529,379 Timing synchronization circuit with loop counter