Micron patents granted on 27 March 2012

11 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,145,866 Selective register reset
2 8,144,534 Methods and memory devices for repairing memory cells
3 8,144,525 Memory cell sensing using negative voltage
4 8,144,516 Dynamic pass voltage for sense operation in a memory device
5 8,144,506 Cross-point memory devices, electronic systems including cross-point memory devices and methods of accessing a plurality of memory cells in a cross-point memory array
6 8,144,497 Self-identifying stacked die semiconductor components
7 8,144,269 Reflective LCOS displays utilizing novel polarizing beam splitters
8 8,143,966 Coupling cancellation scheme
9 8,143,928 Duty cycle correction systems and methods
10 8,143,167 Fabrication processes for forming dual depth trenches using a dry etch that deposits a polymer
11 8,142,673 Compositions for dissolution of low-k dielectric films, and methods of use