Micron patents granted on 27 October 2015

21 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,172,372 Apparatuses, circuits, and methods for reducing metastability in data synchronization
2 9,172,040 Resistive memory cell fabrication methods and devices
3 9,172,037 Combined conductive plug/conductive line memory arrays and methods of forming the same
4 9,171,903 Transistors having features which preclude straight-line lateral conductive paths from a channel region to a source/drain region
5 9,171,902 Semiconductor structures comprising a plurality of active areas separated by isolation regions
6 9,171,863 Methods and apparatuses including strings of memory cells formed along levels of semiconductor material
7 9,171,826 High voltage solid-state transducers and solid-state transducer arrays having electrical cross-connections and associated systems and methods
8 9,171,750 Methods of forming electrically conductive lines
9 9,171,633 Memory and sense parameter determination methods
10 9,171,626 Memory devices and programming memory arrays thereof
11 9,171,625 Apparatuses and methods to modify pillar potential
12 9,171,619 Method and apparatus for configuring write performance for electrically writable memory devices
13 9,171,614 Reliable set operation for phase-change memory cell
14 9,171,599 Circuits, apparatuses, and methods for oscillators
15 9,171,597 Apparatuses and methods for providing strobe signals to memories
16 9,171,588 Semiconductor device capable of performing a read leveling and a write leveling based on an ambient temperature
17 9,171,587 Vertical memory with body connection
18 9,170,898 Apparatus and methods for providing data integrity
19 9,170,877 Resolving trapping sets
20 9,170,781 Method and system for generating object code to facilitate predictive memory retrieval
21 9,170,635 Methods, systems, and devices for management of a memory system