Micron patents granted on 27 September 2016

14 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,455,386 Vertical light emitting devices with nickel silicide bonding and methods of manufacturing
2 9,455,266 Memory array with a pair of memory-cell strings to a single conductive pillar
3 9,455,261 Integrated structures
4 9,455,043 Dynamic program window determination in a memory device
5 9,455,042 Programming methods and memories
6 9,455,033 Apparatuses and/or methods for operating a memory cell as an anti-fuse
7 9,455,029 Threshold voltage analysis
8 9,455,020 Apparatuses and methods for performing an exclusive or operation using sensing circuitry
9 9,454,997 Array of nonvolatile memory cells having at least five memory cells per unit cell, having a plurality of the unit cells which individually comprise three elevational regions of programmable material, and/or having a continuous volume having a combination of a plurality of vertically oriented memory cells and a plurality of horizontally oriented memory cells; array of vertically stacked tiers of nonvolatile memory cells
10 9,454,427 Shifting read data
11 9,454,322 Results generation for state machine engines
12 9,454,310 Command queuing
13 9,454,090 Methods and apparatuses for template cooling
14 9,452,492 Systems and methods for forming apertures in microfeature workpieces