Micron patents granted on 28 August 2012

20 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,255,788 Method and apparatus for facilitating substitution of digital images with line drawings
2 8,255,771 Memory device repair apparatus, systems, and methods
3 8,254,199 Multi-channel memory and power supply-driven channel selection
4 8,254,191 Switched interface stacked-die memory architecture
5 8,254,182 Analog sensing of memory cells with a source follower driver in a semiconductor memory device
6 8,254,180 Methods of operating memories including characterizing memory cell signal lines
7 8,254,174 Memory segment accessing in a memory device
8 8,254,173 NAND memory constructions
9 8,253,442 Apparatus and method for signal transmission over a channel
10 8,253,396 Voltage regulator system
11 8,253,230 Disabling electrical connections using pass-through 3D interconnects and associated systems and methods
12 8,253,203 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit
13 8,253,198 Devices for shielding a signal line over an active region
14 8,253,191 Vertically-oriented semiconductor selection device for cross-point array memory
15 8,252,697 Zinc-tin oxide thin-film transistors
16 8,252,658 Methods of etching trenches into silicon of a semiconductor substrate, methods of forming trench isolation in silicon of a semiconductor substrate, and methods of forming a plurality of diodes
17 8,252,646 Peripheral gate stacks and recessed array gates
18 8,252,622 Phase change current density control structure
19 8,252,194 Methods of removing silicon oxide
20 8,252,119 Microelectronic substrate cleaning systems with polyelectrolyte and associated methods