Micron patents granted on 28 December 2010

23 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,861,139 Programming management data for NAND memories
2 7,859,922 Programming a flash memory device
3 7,859,916 Symmetrically operating single-ended input buffer devices and methods
4 7,859,893 Phase change memory structure with multiple resistance states and methods of programming and sensing same
5 7,859,888 Resistive memory device
6 7,859,295 Transmitter apparatus, systems, and methods
7 7,859,112 Additional metal routing in semiconductor devices
8 7,859,050 Memory having a vertical access device
9 7,859,046 Ballistic direct injection NROM cell on strained silicon structures
10 7,859,036 Memory devices having electrodes comprising nanowires, systems including same and methods of forming same
11 7,858,815 Systems and methods for forming tantalum oxide layers and tantalum precursor compounds
12 7,858,535 Methods of reducing defect formation on silicon dioxide formed by atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes and methods of fabricating semiconductor structures
13 7,858,523 Unsymmetrical ligand sources, reduced symmetry metal-containing compounds, and systems and methods including same
14 7,858,518 Method for forming a selective contact and local interconnect in situ
15 7,858,506 Diodes, and methods of forming diodes
16 7,858,486 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
17 7,858,471 Methods of fabricating an access transistor for an integrated circuit device, methods of fabricating periphery transistors and access transistors, and methods of fabricating an access device comprising access transistors in an access circuitry region and peripheral transistors in a peripheral circuitry region spaced from the access circuitry region
18 7,858,468 Memory devices and formation methods
19 7,858,458 CMOS fabrication
20 7,858,420 Microelectronic imaging units and methods of manufacturing microelectronic imaging units
21 7,857,982 Methods of etching features into substrates
22 7,857,646 Electrical testing apparatus having masked sockets and associated systems and methods
23 7,856,888 Fiber optic strain gage and carrier