Micron patents granted on 28 July 2009

14 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,567,848 Speaker apparatus and a computer system incorporating same
2 7,567,477 Bias sensing in sense amplifiers through a voltage-coupling/decoupling device
3 7,567,472 Memory block testing
4 7,567,465 Power saving sensing scheme for solid state memory
5 7,567,462 Method and system for selectively limiting peak power consumption during programming or erase of non-volatile memory devices
6 7,567,461 Method and system for minimizing number of programming pulses used to program rows of non-volatile memory cells
7 7,567,455 Method and system for programming non-volatile memory cells based on programming of proximate memory cells
8 7,567,091 Method for isolating a short-circuited integrated circuit (IC) from other ICs on a semiconductor wafer
9 7,566,907 Thin film transistors and semiconductor constructions
10 7,566,620 DRAM including a vertical surround gate transistor
11 7,566,601 Method of making a one transistor SOI non-volatile random access memory cell
12 7,566,600 SOI device with reduced drain induced barrier lowering
13 7,566,391 Methods and systems for removing materials from microfeature workpieces with organic and/or non-aqueous electrolytic media
14 7,566,257 Method and system for transferring data to an electronic toy or other electronic device