Micron patents granted on 28 June 2016

14 US patents granted on 28 June 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,379,315 Memory cells, methods of fabrication, semiconductor device structures, and memory systems
2 9,379,241 Semiconductor device with strained channels
3 9,379,199 Semiconductor device including a contact plug with barrier materials
4 9,379,091 Semiconductor die assemblies and semiconductor devices including same
5 9,379,005 Three dimensional memory and methods of forming the same
6 9,378,847 Systems and methods involving managing a problematic memory cell
7 9,378,839 Apparatus and methods including source gates
8 9,378,823 Programming a memory cell to a voltage to indicate a data value and after a relaxation time programming the memory cell to a second voltage to indicate the data value
9 9,378,818 Apparatuses and operation methods associated with resistive memory cell arrays with separate select lines
10 9,378,791 Apparatuses and methods for controlling a clock signal provided to a clock tree
11 9,378,790 Apparatus and method for buffered write commands in a memory
12 9,378,783 I/O circuit with phase mixer for slew rate control
13 9,378,774 Interconnection for memory electrodes
14 9,378,157 Security memory access method and apparatus