Micron patents granted on 28 March 2006

31 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,020,815 Memory technology test apparatus
2 7,020,794 Interleaved delay line for phase locked and delay locked loops
3 7,020,737 Pipelined burst memory access
4 7,020,365 Resistive heater for thermo optic device
5 7,020,042 Compact decode and multiplexing circuitry for a multi-port memory having a common memory interface
6 7,020,039 Isolation device over field in a memory device
7 7,020,030 SRAM cell with horizontal merged devices
8 7,020,004 Double density MRAM with planar processing
9 7,019,568 Clock independent power-on-reset circuit
10 7,019,561 Low-voltage sense amplifier and method
11 7,019,553 Method and circuit for off chip driver control, and memory device using same
12 7,019,512 Planarity diagnostic system, e.g., for microelectronic component test systems
13 7,019,410 Die attach material for TBGA or flexible circuitry
14 7,019,408 Stackable ball grid array
15 7,019,378 Field-shielded SOI-MOS structure free from floating body effects, and method of fabrication therefor
16 7,019,353 Three dimensional flash cell
17 7,019,351 Transistor devices, and methods of forming transistor devices and circuit devices
18 7,019,347 Dynamic random access memory circuitry comprising insulative collars
19 7,019,223 Solder resist opening to define a combination pin one indicator and fiducial
20 7,018,937 Compositions for removal of processing byproducts and method for using same
21 7,018,936 Ion implant lithography method of processing a semiconductor substrate
22 7,018,908 Methods of forming silicon dioxide layers, and methods of forming trench isolation regions
23 7,018,889 Latch-up prevention for memory cells
24 7,018,871 Solder masks for use on carrier substrates, carrier substrates and semiconductor device assemblies including such solder masks, and methods
25 7,018,869 Methods for wafer-level packaging of microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed by such methods
26 7,018,863 Method of manufacture of a resistance variable memory cell
27 7,018,675 Method for forming a ruthenium metal layer
28 7,018,469 Atomic layer deposition methods of forming silicon dioxide comprising layers
29 7,018,467 Three-dimensional complete bandgap photonic crystal formed by crystal modification
30 7,018,270 Method and apparatus for cutting semiconductor wafers
31 7,017,262 Component alignment methods