Micron patents granted on 28 May 2013

23 US patents granted on 28 May 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,452,916 Solid state storage device controller with expansion mode
2 8,451,664 Determining and using soft data in memory devices and systems
3 8,451,662 Reading memory cell history during program operation for adaptive programming
4 8,451,661 Programming methods and memories
5 8,451,650 Capacitor-less memory cell, device, system and method of making same
6 8,451,642 Hybrid MRAM array structure and operation
7 8,451,620 Package including an underfill material in a portion of an area between the package and a substrate or another package
8 8,450,839 Microelectronic devices, stacked microelectronic devices, and methods for manufacturing such devices
9 8,450,829 Efficient pitch multiplication process
10 8,450,821 Method and apparatus providing combined spacer and optical lens element
11 8,450,789 Memory array with an air gap between memory cells and the formation thereof
12 8,450,785 Systems and devices including multi-gate transistors and methods of using, making, and operating the same
13 8,450,776 Epitaxial devices
14 8,450,756 Multi-dimensional LED array system and associated methods and structures
15 8,450,418 Methods of forming block copolymers, and block copolymer compositions
16 8,450,218 Methods of forming silicon oxides and methods of forming interlevel dielectrics
17 8,450,214 Methods of etching single crystal silicon
18 8,450,199 Integrating diverse transistors on the same wafer
19 8,450,175 Methods of forming a vertical transistor and at least a conductive line electrically coupled therewith
20 8,450,173 Electrical components for microelectronic devices and methods of forming the same
21 8,450,164 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
22 8,450,154 Oxide based memory with a controlled oxygen vacancy conduction path
23 8,449,805 Masking techniques and contact imprint reticles for dense semiconductor fabrication