Micron patents granted on 28 October 2014

23 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 D716,462 Clinical position tester for imparting electromagnetic radiation
2 8,875,006 Non-volatile memory with extended error correction protection
3 8,873,314 Circuits and methods for providing data to and from arrays of memory cells
4 8,873,311 Supply independent delayer
5 8,873,297 Select gate programming in a memory device
6 8,873,283 Memory cell and memory cell array having an electrically floating body transistor, and methods of operating same
7 8,873,282 Interfaces and die packages, and appartuses including the same
8 8,872,356 Semiconductor structures comprising a dielectric material having a curvilinear profile
9 8,872,324 Distributed semiconductor device methods, apparatus, and systems
10 8,872,310 Semiconductor device structures and electronic devices including hybrid conductive vias, and methods of fabrication
11 8,872,294 Method and apparatus for reducing signal loss in a photo detector
12 8,872,252 Multi-tiered semiconductor apparatuses including residual silicide in semiconductor tier
13 8,872,247 Memory cells having a folded digit line architecture
14 8,872,219 Multi-dimensional solid state lighting device array system and associated methods and structures
15 8,872,150 Memory constructions
16 8,871,648 Method for forming high density patterns
17 8,871,646 Methods of forming a masking pattern for integrated circuits
18 8,871,589 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
19 8,871,588 Reverse construction integrated circuit
20 8,871,574 Memory cells, memory cell constructions, and memory cell programming methods
21 8,871,407 Patterning mask and method of formation of mask using step double patterning
22 8,871,120 Compositions of matter, and methods of removing silicon dioxide
23 8,869,387 Methods for making microelectronic die systems