Micron patents granted on 29 April 2014

25 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,713,401 Error recovery storage along a memory string
2 8,713,385 Error scanning in flash memory
3 8,713,246 Memory device program window adjustment
4 8,713,223 Methods and systems to accomplish variable width data input
5 8,712,334 RFID device using single antenna for multiple resonant frequency ranges
6 8,712,249 Optical interconnect in high-speed memory systems
7 8,711,651 System and method for managing self-refresh in a multi-rank memory
8 8,711,639 Data paths using a first signal to capture data and a second signal to output data and methods for providing data
9 8,711,633 Dynamic data caches, decoders and decoding methods
10 8,711,628 Use of emerging non-volatile memory elements with flash memory
11 8,711,617 Data modulation for groups of memory cells
12 8,711,616 Single check memory devices and methods
13 8,711,615 Memory kink checking
14 8,711,605 Resistive memory element sensing using averaging
15 8,711,603 Permutational memory cells
16 8,710,871 Delay lines, amplifier systems, transconductance compensating systems and methods of compensating
17 8,710,583 Dual work function recessed access device and methods of forming
18 8,710,566 Techniques for forming a contact to a buried diffusion layer in a semiconductor memory device
19 8,709,929 Methods of forming semiconductor devices having diffusion regions of reduced width
20 8,709,927 Methods of implanting dopant ions
21 8,709,894 3D structured memory devices and methods for manufacturing thereof
22 8,709,878 Methods of packaging imager devices and optics modules, and resulting assemblies
23 8,709,866 Methods of forming integrated circuit packages
24 8,709,846 Solid state lighting devices and associated methods of manufacturing
25 8,709,845 Solid state lighting devices with cellular arrays and associated methods of manufacturing