Micron patents granted on 29 June 2010

23 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,747,933 Method and apparatus for detecting communication errors on a bus
2 7,747,903 Error correction for memory
3 7,747,890 Method and apparatus of high-speed input sampling
4 7,747,090 Scan line to block re-ordering buffer for image compression
5 7,746,959 Method and system for generating reference voltages for signal receivers
6 7,746,720 Techniques for reducing leakage current in memory devices
7 7,746,710 Data bus power-reduced semiconductor storage apparatus
8 7,746,701 Semiconductor memory device having bit line pre-charge unit separated from data register
9 7,746,700 NAND architecture memory devices and operation
10 7,746,691 Methods and apparatus utilizing predicted coupling effect in the programming of non-volatile memory
11 7,746,398 Wide dynamic range active pixel with knee response
12 7,746,170 Class AB amplifier and imagers and systems using same
13 7,745,944 Microelectronic devices having intermediate contacts for connection to interposer substrates, and associated methods of packaging microelectronic devices with intermediate contacts
14 7,745,942 Die package and probe card structures and fabrication methods
15 7,745,934 Integrated circuit and seed layers
16 7,745,920 Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing packaged microelectronic devices
17 7,745,900 Method and apparatus providing refractive index structure for a device capturing or displaying images
18 7,745,873 Ultra-thin body vertical tunneling transistor
19 7,745,808 Differential negative resistance memory
20 7,745,319 System and method for fabricating a fin field effect transistor
21 7,745,295 Methods of forming memory cells
22 7,745,283 Method of fabricating memory transistor
23 7,745,231 Resistive memory cell fabrication methods and devices