Micron patents granted on 29 March 2011

30 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,917,962 BIOS lock encode/decode driver
2 7,917,685 Method for reading a multilevel cell in a non-volatile memory device
3 7,917,684 Bus translator
4 7,917,479 Non-volatile memory devices, systems including same and associated methods
5 7,916,557 NAND interface
6 7,916,553 Memory system and method having volatile and non-volatile memory devices at same hierarchical level
7 7,916,546 Methods for programming a memory device and memory devices using inhibit voltages that are less than a supply voltage
8 7,916,544 Random telegraph signal noise reduction scheme for semiconductor memories
9 7,916,543 Memory cell operation
10 7,916,536 Programming based on controller performance requirements
11 7,916,396 Lens master devices, lens structures, imaging devices, and methods and apparatuses of making the same
12 7,916,204 Multiple microlens system for image sensors or display
13 7,916,186 Anti-eclipse circuitry with tracking of floating diffusion reset level
14 7,915,937 Circuitry and methods for improving differential signals that cross power domains
15 7,915,924 Method and apparatus for selecting an operating mode based on a determination of the availability of internal clock signals
16 7,915,916 Antifuse programming circuit with snapback select transistor
17 7,915,736 Microfeature workpieces and methods for forming interconnects in microfeature workpieces
18 7,915,735 Selective metal deposition over dielectric layers
19 7,915,726 Interconnecting substrates for microelectronic dies, methods for forming vias in such substrates, and methods for packaging microelectronic devices
20 7,915,718 Apparatus for flip-chip packaging providing testing capability
21 7,915,711 Semiconductor assemblies and methods of manufacturing such assemblies including trenches in a molding material between semiconductor die
22 7,915,692 Semiconductor structure including gateline surrounding source and drain pillars
23 7,915,673 Recessed channel negative differential resistance-based memory cell
24 7,915,669 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
25 7,915,659 Devices with cavity-defined gates and methods of making the same
26 7,915,174 Dielectric stack containing lanthanum and hafnium
27 7,915,168 Semiconductor processing methods
28 7,915,126 Methods of forming non-volatile memory cells, and methods of forming NAND cell unit string gates
29 7,915,116 Relaxed-pitch method of aligning active area to digit line
30 7,915,077 Methods of making metal core foldover package structures