Micron patents granted on 29 May 2012

18 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,191,159 Data security for digital data storage
2 8,190,849 Sharing physical memory locations in memory devices
3 8,190,819 System and method for optimizing interconnections of memory devices in a multichip module
4 8,189,450 Method and apparatus providing high density chalcogenide-based data storage
5 8,189,420 Advanced detection of memory device removal, and methods, devices and connectors
6 8,189,414 Maintenance of amplified signals using high-voltage-threshold transistors
7 8,189,387 Flash memory with multi-bit read
8 8,189,382 Read method for MLC
9 8,189,376 Integrated circuit having memory cells including gate material having high work function, and method of manufacturing same
10 8,189,375 Methods of forming memory cells and methods of forming programmed memory cells
11 8,189,366 Method and apparatus providing a cross-point memory array using a variable resistance memory cell and capacitance
12 8,188,533 Write once read only memory employing charge trapping in insulators
13 8,188,464 Atomic layer deposition systems and methods including metal beta-diketiminate compounds
14 8,187,983 Methods for fabricating semiconductor components using thinning and back side laser processing
15 8,187,934 Reverse construction memory cell
16 8,187,933 Methods of forming dielectric material-containing structures
17 8,187,901 Epitaxial formation support structures and associated methods
18 8,187,487 Material removal methods employing solutions with reversible ETCH selectivities