Micron patents granted on 29 November 2016

14 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,509,535 Multi-level signaling
2 9,509,312 Boolean logic in a state machine lattice
3 9,508,931 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
4 9,508,735 Methods and apparatuses having strings of memory cells and select gates with double gates
5 9,508,686 Semiconductor device assembly with package interconnect extending into overlying spacer material, and associated systems, devices, and methods
6 9,508,628 Semiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods
7 9,508,591 Stair step formation using at least two masks
8 9,508,440 Program and read trim setting
9 9,508,427 Apparatuses and methods including supply current in memory
10 9,508,426 Program-disturb management for phase change memory
11 9,508,417 Methods and apparatuses for controlling timing paths and latency based on a loop delay
12 9,508,409 Apparatuses and methods for implementing masked write commands
13 9,508,407 Wiring configuration of a bus system and power wires in a memory chip
14 9,507,104 Apparatus providing simplified alignment of optical fiber in photonic integrated circuits