Micron patents granted on 30 April 2013

15 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,433,846 Methods and apparatus reading erase block management data in subsets of sectors having user data and control data sections
2 8,432,765 Method and apparatus for managing behavior of memory devices
3 8,432,743 Method and system for programming non-volatile memory cells based on programming of proximate memory cells
4 8,432,738 Apparatus and method for reduced peak power consumption during common operation of multi-nand flash memory devices
5 8,432,202 Digital locked loops and methods with configurable operating parameters
6 8,431,980 Random access memory device utilizing a vertically oriented select transistor
7 8,431,971 Pitch multiplied mask patterns for isolated features
8 8,431,961 Memory devices with a connecting region having a band gap lower than a band gap of a body region
9 8,431,923 Semiconductor structure and semiconductor device including a diode structure and methods of forming same
10 8,431,484 Stable electroless fine pitch interconnect plating
11 8,431,483 Methods of forming electrically conductive plugs and method of forming resistance variable elements
12 8,431,458 Methods of forming a nonvolatile memory cell and methods of forming an array of nonvolatile memory cells
13 8,431,456 Methods of forming high density structures and low density structures with a single photomask
14 8,431,240 Metal plating using seed film
15 8,431,184 Methods of forming electrically conductive structures