Micron patents granted on 30 December 2008

22 US patents granted on 30 December 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,472,392 Method for load balancing an n-dimensional array of parallel processing elements
2 7,472,248 Techniques for generating serial presence detect contents
3 7,471,565 Reducing effects of program disturb in a memory device
4 7,471,538 Memory module, system and method of making same
5 7,471,535 Programable identification circuitry
6 7,471,228 Sharing operational amplifier between two stages of pipelined ADC and/or two channels of signal processing circuitry
7 7,471,227 Method and apparatus for decreasing layout area in a pipelined analog-to-digital converter
8 7,471,130 Graduated delay line for increased clock skew correction circuit operating range
9 7,470,882 Reduction in size of column sample and hold circuitry in a CMOS imager
10 7,470,638 Systems and methods for manipulating liquid films on semiconductor substrates
11 7,470,635 Method of depositing a silicon dioxide-comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of forming trench isolation in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of depositing silicon dioxide-comprising layers in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, and methods of forming bit line over capacitor arrays of memory cells
12 7,470,632 Method of depositing a silicon dioxide comprising layer doped with at least one of P, B and Ge
13 7,470,631 Methods for fabricating residue-free contact openings
14 7,470,628 Etching methods
15 7,470,625 Method of plasma etching a substrate
16 7,470,606 Masking methods
17 7,470,590 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
18 7,470,583 Method of improved high K dielectric-polysilicon interface for CMOS devices
19 7,470,576 Methods of forming field effect transistor gate lines
20 7,470,563 Microelectronic device packages and methods for controlling the disposition of non-conductive materials in such packages
21 7,470,552 Method for production of MRAM elements
22 7,470,344 Chemical dispensing system for semiconductor wafer processing