Micron patents granted on 30 June 2015

17 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,071,762 Image sensor including real-time automatic exposure control and swallowable pill including the same
2 9,071,273 Extended single-bit error correction and multiple-bit error detection
3 9,071,235 Apparatuses and methods for changing signal path delay of a signal path responsive to changes in power
4 9,071,231 Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustments
5 9,070,874 Memory cell structures
6 9,070,858 Method, system, and device for storage cell, such as for memory
7 9,070,767 Vertical memory devices and apparatuses
8 9,070,656 Underfill-accommodating heat spreaders and related semiconductor device assemblies and methods
9 9,070,641 Methods for forming assemblies and multi-chip modules including stacked semiconductor dice
10 9,070,473 Refresh architecture and algorithm for non-volatile memories
11 9,070,470 Sensing memory cells coupled to different access lines in different blocks of memory cells
12 9,070,469 Digital filters with memory
13 9,070,459 Erase operation control sequencing apparatus, systems, and methods
14 9,070,450 Non-volatile multilevel memory cells
15 9,070,442 Memory devices with local and global devices at substantially the same level above stacked tiers of memory cells and methods
16 9,070,425 Data line control for sense amplifiers
17 9,069,661 Control arrangements and methods for accessing block oriented nonvolatile memory