Micron patents granted on 30 May 2006

35 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,055,115 Line width check in layout database
2 7,055,076 Output data compression scheme using tri-state
3 7,055,012 Latency reduction using negative clock edge and read flags
4 7,054,992 Synchronous flash memory with non-volatile mode register
5 7,054,532 Three-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide structure and method
6 7,054,222 Write address synchronization useful for a DDR prefetch SDRAM
7 7,054,208 Method and device for testing a sense amp
8 7,054,207 Method and system for selecting redundant rows and columns of memory cells
9 7,054,198 Flash memory with fast boot block access
10 7,053,987 Methods and systems for controlling radiation beam characteristics for microlithographic processing
11 7,053,945 Image sensor having boosted reset
12 7,053,899 Animation packager for an on-line book
13 7,053,896 Resampling system and method for graphics data including sine-wave components
14 7,053,775 RFID material tracking method and apparatus
15 7,053,650 Communication device for a logic circuit
16 7,053,641 Interconnect having spring contacts
17 7,053,467 Leadframe alteration to direct compound flow into package
18 7,053,462 Planarization of metal container structures
19 7,053,444 Method and apparatus for a flash memory device comprising a source local interconnect
20 7,053,432 Enhanced surface area capacitor fabrication methods
21 7,053,010 Methods of depositing silicon dioxide comprising layers in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of forming trench isolation, and methods of forming arrays of memory cells
22 7,052,997 Method to form etch and/or CMP stop layers
23 7,052,987 Method for fabricating a low capacitance wiring layout
24 7,052,972 Method for forming sublithographic features during the manufacture of a semiconductor device and a resulting in-process apparatus
25 7,052,957 Methods of fabricating double-sided hemispherical silicon grain electrodes and capacitor modules
26 7,052,953 Dielectric material forming methods and enhanced dielectric materials
27 7,052,923 Field emission display with smooth aluminum film
28 7,052,922 Stable electroless fine pitch interconnect plating
29 7,052,617 Simplified etching technique for producing multiple undercut profiles
30 7,052,584 Method of forming a capacitor
31 7,052,375 Method of making carrier head backing plate having low-friction coating
32 7,052,352 Anode screen for a phosphor display and method of making the same
33 7,052,350 Field emission device having insulated column lines and method manufacture
34 7,051,741 Reduction/oxidation material removal method
35 7,051,729 Apparatus and methods for aligning a center of mass with a rotational axis of a shaft or spindle