Micron patents granted on 31 August 2010

14 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,788,451 Apparatus and method for data bypass for a bi-directional data bus in a hub-based memory sub-system
2 7,787,310 Circuits, devices, systems, and methods of operation for capturing data signals
3 7,787,307 Memory cell shift estimation method and apparatus
4 7,787,282 Sensing resistance variable memory
5 7,786,803 Operational transconductance amplifier (OTA)
6 7,786,605 Stacked semiconductor components with through wire interconnects (TWI)
7 7,786,522 Method for forming memory cell and device
8 7,786,516 Discrete trap non-volatile multi-functional memory device
9 7,786,016 Methods of uniformly removing silicon oxide and a method of removing a sacrificial oxide
10 7,785,998 Methods of forming dispersions of nanoparticles, and methods of forming flash memory cells
11 7,785,978 Method of forming memory cell using gas cluster ion beams
12 7,785,976 Method of forming a memory device incorporating a resistance-variable chalcogenide element
13 7,785,962 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
14 7,785,961 Trench DRAM cell with vertical device and buried word lines