Micron patents granted on 31 January 2017

23 US patents granted on 31 January 2017 and assigned to Micron

1 9,559,710 Semiconductor device including oscillator
2 9,559,301 Methods of forming memory device constructions, methods of forming memory cells, and methods of forming semiconductor constructions
3 9,559,216 Semiconductor memory device and method for biasing same
4 9,559,201 Vertical memory devices, memory arrays, and memory devices
5 9,559,194 Transistors and methods of forming transistors
6 9,559,163 Memory arrays
7 9,559,118 Vertical ferroelectric field effect transistor constructions, constructions comprising a pair of vertical ferroelectric field effect transistors, vertical strings of ferroelectric field effect transistors, and vertical strings of laterally opposing pairs of vertical ferroelectric field effect transistors
8 9,559,109 Memory including blocking dielectric in etch stop tier
9 9,559,087 Techniques for packaging multiple device components
10 9,559,086 Semiconductor device with modified current distribution
11 9,559,080 Integrated circuit device packages and methods for manufacturing integrated circuit device packages
12 9,558,851 Soft post package repair of memory devices
13 9,558,844 Identifying stacked dice
14 9,558,831 Non-volatile memory programming
15 9,558,803 Fixed voltage sensing in a memory device
16 9,558,799 Timing violation handling in a synchronous interface memory
17 9,558,143 Interconnect systems and methods using hybrid memory cube links to send packetized data over different endpoints of a data handling device
18 9,558,064 Estimating an error rate associated with memory
19 9,558,063 Semiconductor device and error correction method
20 9,557,926 Integrity of an address bus
21 9,557,800 Sequence power control
22 9,557,376 Apparatuses and methods for die seal crack detection
23 9,555,416 Jet mill