Micron patents granted on 31 July 2007

28 US patents granted on 31 July 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,251,762 On-chip sampling circuit and method
2 7,251,715 Double data rate scheme for data output
3 7,251,714 Method and system for capturing and bypassing memory transactions in a hub-based memory system
4 7,251,711 Apparatus and methods having a command sequence
5 7,251,618 Method and system for purchasing a memory upgrade for a computer system
6 7,251,387 Optical integrated circuit and method for fabricating the same
7 7,251,194 Memory system and method for strobing data, command and address signals
8 7,251,187 Memory system, method and predecoding circuit operable in different modes for selectively accessing multiple blocks of memory cells for simultaneous writing or erasure
9 7,251,181 Techniques for storing accurate operating current values
10 7,251,177 Skewed sense AMP for variable resistance memory sensing
11 7,251,173 Combination column redundancy system for a memory array
12 7,251,154 Method and apparatus providing a cross-point memory array using a variable resistance memory cell and capacitance
13 7,250,798 Synchronous clock generator including duty cycle correction
14 7,250,789 Pseudo-CMOS dynamic logic with delayed clocks
15 7,250,780 Probe card for semiconductor wafers having mounting plate and socket
16 7,250,687 Systems for degating packaged semiconductor devices with tape substrates
17 7,250,680 Semiconductor circuitry constructions
18 7,250,663 Frame scale package using contact lines through the elements
19 7,250,647 Asymmetrical transistor for imager device
20 7,250,628 Memory devices and electronic systems comprising thyristors
21 7,250,591 Photonic crystal-based filter for use in an image sensor
22 7,250,380 Method of depositing a silicon dioxide-comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
23 7,250,378 Method of depositing a silicon dioxide-comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
24 7,250,367 Deposition methods using heteroleptic precursors
25 7,250,338 Scalable Flash/NV structures and devices with extended endurance
26 7,250,328 Microelectronic component assemblies with recessed wire bonds and methods of making same
27 7,250,321 Method of forming a photosensor
28 7,250,247 Photolithographic structures using multiple anti-reflecting coatings