Micron patents granted on 31 March 2015

18 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,996,907 Determining location of error detection data
2 8,996,836 Stacked device detection and identification
3 8,996,822 Multi-device memory serial architecture
4 8,995,805 Method and apparatus providing a coupled photonic structure
5 8,995,193 NAND memory constructions and methods of forming NAND memory constructions
6 8,995,188 Sharing support circuitry in a memory
7 8,995,182 Coarse and fine programming in a solid state memory
8 8,995,161 Apparatus and methods to perform read-while write (RWW) operations
9 8,994,489 Fuses, and methods of forming and using fuses
10 8,994,403 Apparatus and method for signal transmission over a channel
11 8,994,189 Semiconductor structures including tight pitch contacts
12 8,994,163 Semiconductor assemblies, stacked semiconductor devices, and methods of manufacturing semiconductor assemblies and stacked semiconductor devices
13 8,994,150 Systems and methods for lowering interconnect capacitance
14 8,993,455 ZrAlON films
15 8,993,448 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor structures and devices including nanotubes, and semiconductor structures, devices, and systems fabricated using such methods
16 8,993,374 Phase change material gradient structures and methods
17 8,993,088 Polymeric materials in self-assembled arrays and semiconductor structures comprising polymeric materials
18 8,993,044 Methods of forming capacitors having dielectric regions that include multiple metal oxide-comprising materials