Micron patents granted on 31 May 2011

23 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,954,029 System, apparatus, and method for memory built-in self testing using microcode sequencers
2 7,954,004 Systems and methods for retrieving data
3 7,953,954 Flash storage partial page caching
4 7,953,579 Jittery signal generation with discrete-time filtering
5 7,952,952 Reduction of fusible links and associated circuitry on memory dies
6 7,952,936 Program-verify method
7 7,952,927 Adjusting program and erase voltages in a memory device
8 7,952,924 NAND memory device and programming methods
9 7,952,922 Method for programming a non-volatile memory device to reduce floating-gate-to-floating-gate coupling effect
10 7,952,919 Phase change memory structure with multiple resistance states and methods of programming and sensing same
11 7,952,913 Back gated SRAM cell
12 7,952,631 CMOS imager with integrated circuitry
13 7,952,184 Distributed semiconductor device methods, apparatus, and systems
14 7,952,174 Method and apparatus providing air-gap insulation between adjacent conductors using nanoparticles
15 7,952,171 Die stacking with an annular via having a recessed socket
16 7,952,170 System including semiconductor components having through interconnects and back side redistribution conductors
17 7,952,169 Isolation circuit
18 7,952,158 Elevated pocket pixels, imaging devices and systems including the same and method of forming the same
19 7,952,155 Reduced edge effect from recesses in imagers
20 7,951,709 Method and apparatus providing integrated circuit having redistribution layer with recessed connectors
21 7,951,702 Methods for fabricating semiconductor components with conductive interconnects having planar surfaces
22 7,951,619 Diodes, and methods of forming diodes
23 7,951,414 Methods of forming electrically conductive structures