Micron patents granted on 31 May 2016

20 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,356,237 Forming resistive random access memories together with fuse arrays
2 9,356,229 Memory cells and methods of fabrication
3 9,356,157 Semiconductor devices comprising floating gate transistors and methods of forming such semiconductor devices
4 9,356,155 Semiconductor device structures and arrays of vertical transistor devices
5 9,356,145 Electronic device with asymmetric gate strain
6 9,356,112 Charge trapping dielectric structures
7 9,356,096 Method providing an epitaxial growth having a reduction in defects and resulting structure
8 9,356,095 Vertical devices and methods of forming
9 9,356,028 Disposable pillars for contact formation
10 9,356,009 Interconnect structure with redundant electrical connectors and associated systems and methods
11 9,355,994 Build-up package for integrated circuit devices, and methods of making same
12 9,355,992 Land grid array semiconductor device packages
13 9,355,934 Method and apparatus providing integrated circuit having redistribution layer with recessed connectors
14 9,355,923 Semiconductor device with an overlay mark including segment regions surrounded by a pool region
15 9,355,897 Methods of forming semiconductor structures
16 9,355,837 Methods of forming and using materials containing silicon and nitrogen
17 9,355,730 Mapping between program states and data patterns
18 9,355,718 Metallization scheme for integrated circuit
19 9,355,709 Digit line equilibration using access devices at the edge of sub-arrays
20 9,355,026 Searching using multilevel cells and programming multilevel cells for searching