Microsoft patent applications published on 04 May 2006

67 US patent applications published on 04 May 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 20060095976 Dynamic summary module
2 20060095971 Efficient white listing of user-modifiable files
3 20060095965 Network security device and method for protecting a computing device in a networked environment
4 20060095964 Document stamping antivirus manifest
5 20060095945 Proxy for video on demand server control
6 20060095906 Methods and apparatus for project management
7 20060095850 Multimedia filter resilience
8 20060095841 Methods and apparatus for document management
9 20060095765 On-machine communication verification
10 20060095754 Method and computer program product for offloading processing tasks from software to hardware
11 20060095724 Message-passing processor
12 20060095689 Using limits on address translation to control access to an addressable entity
13 20060095672 System and method for parallel execution of data generation tasks
14 20060095628 External-Network Data Content Exposure to Network-Connected Devices
15 20060095619 Determining latency and persistency of storage devices and presenting a save/read user interface through abstracted storage
16 20060095578 Human interactive proof sevice
17 20060095573 Delayed HTTP response
18 20060095558 System and method for tracking URL usage
19 20060095549 Managing asynchronous objects received over multiple communication protocols
20 20060095532 Method and apparatus for selecting cache and proxy policy
21 20060095529 Scalable notification delivery service
22 20060095522 Mixed massaging mode for multiple points of presence
23 20060095513 Hypermedia management system
24 20060095489 Representation of implicit curves for procedural surfaces
25 20060095481 Method and system for partition level cleanup of replication conflict metadata
26 20060095480 Method and subsystem for performing subset computation for replication topologies
27 20060095475 Defining and exposing storage devices generically to end users and developers through abstracted storage
28 20060095458 Multi-level nested open hashed data stores
29 20060095447 Offline multi-table data editing and storage
30 20060095441 Project property sheets
31 20060095430 Web page ranking with hierarchical considerations
32 20060095397 Dynamic content change notification
33 20060095383 Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computing device
34 20060095345 System and method for an online catalog system having integrated search and browse capability
35 20060095338 Strategies for gifting resources
36 20060095336 Systems and methods for determining bid value for content items to be placed on a rendered page
37 20060095285 Manipulation of information embedded in content
38 20060095281 Systems and methods for estimating click-through-rates of content items on a rendered page
39 20060095265 Providing personalized voice front for text-to-speech applications
40 20060095262 Automatic censorship of audio data for broadcast
41 20060095250 Parser for natural language processing
42 20060095248 Machine translation system incorporating syntactic dependency treelets into a statistical framework
43 20060095241 Systems and methods that utilize machine learning algorithms to facilitate assembly of aids vaccine cocktails
44 20060094448 Unified object transfer for multiple wireless transfer mechanisms
45 20060093219 Interfacing with ink
46 20060093218 Interfacing with ink
47 20060093188 Probabilistic exemplar-based pattern tracking
48 20060093040 Method and system for extracting key frames from video using a triangle model of motion based on perceived motion energy
49 20060092948 Securing lightweight directory access protocol traffic
50 20060092942 System and method for multi-layered network communications
51 20060092846 Method and system for a system call profiler
52 20060092822 Session Description Message Extensions
53 20060092295 Features such as titles, transitions, and/or effects which vary according to positions
54 20060092282 System and method for automatically customizing a buffered media stream
55 20060092281 System and method for automatically customizing a buffered media stream
56 20060092176 Anti-aliasing characters for improved display on an interlaced television monitor
57 20060092175 Rendering Volumetric Fog and Other Gaseous Phenomena
58 20060092170 Using clear-coded, see-through objects to manipulate virtual objects
59 20060092169 Texture-based packing, such as for packing 8-bit pixels into one bit
60 20060092168 Texture-based packing, such as for packing 8-bit pixels into two bits
61 20060092167 Texture-based packing, such as for packing 16-bit pixels into four bits
62 20060092159 System and method for producing a video signal
63 20060092138 Systems and methods for interacting with a computer through handwriting to a screen
65 20060092052 Generating and searching compressed data
66 20060091375 Systems and methods for quantum braiding
67 20060091288 Method and system for cancellation of ambient light using light frequency