Microsoft patent applications published on 05 January 2006

80 US patent applications published on 05 January 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 20060005252 Image verification
2 20060005251 Inhibiting software tampering
3 20060005250 Software obfuscation
4 20060005249 Installation setup
5 20060005248 Registry protection
6 20060005247 Method and system for detecting when an outgoing communication contains certain content
7 20060005239 Inspected secure communication protocol
8 20060005230 Manifest-based trusted agent management in a trusted operating system environment
9 20060005229 Method of enforcing a policy on a computer network
10 20060005227 Languages for expressing security policies
11 20060005201 Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
12 20060005200 Systems and methods for running a legacy 32-bit x86 virtual machine on a 64-bit x86 processor
13 20060005190 Systems and methods for implementing an operating system in a virtual machine environment
14 20060005189 Systems and methods for voluntary migration of a virtual machine between hosts with common storage connectivity
15 20060005188 Systems and methods for initializing multiple virtual processors within a single virtual machine
16 20060005187 Systems and methods for integrating application windows in a virtual machine environment
17 20060005186 Systems and methods for stack-jumping between a virtual machine and a host environment
18 20060005175 System and methods for providing a declarative syntax for specifying SOAP-based web services
19 20060005170 Finite State model-based testing user interface
20 20060005150 Method and system for displaying categorized information on a user interface
21 20060005149 Method and system for displaying categorized information on a user interface
22 20060005148 System and method for content-based filtering of popup objects
23 20060005136 Portable solution for automatic camera management
24 20060005132 Smart UI recording and playback framework
25 20060005121 Discretization of dimension attributes using data mining techniques
26 20060005120 Aligned behavior in templated lists
27 20060005085 Platform for computer process monitoring
28 20060005078 System and method of identifying the source of a failure
29 20060005040 Methods and systems for generating encryption keys using random bit generators
30 20060005034 System and method for protected operating system boot using state validation
31 20060005014 Using time to determine a hash extension
32 20060005013 Call signs
33 20060004925 Local queue creation security
34 20060004914 Sharing media objects in a network
35 20060004910 Postback input handling by server-side control objects
36 20060004891 System and method for generating normalized relevance measure for analysis of search results
37 20060004875 CMDB schema
38 20060004873 Carousel control for metadata navigation and assignment
39 20060004845 Method and apparatus for generating user interfaces based upon automation with full flexibility
40 20060004844 Management of markup language data mappings available to a spreadsheet application workbook
41 20060004843 System and method for automatically populating a dynamic resolution list
42 20060004836 Dynamic forms generation
43 20060004811 Efficient computation of web page rankings
44 20060004809 Method and system for calculating document importance using document classifications
45 20060004805 Safe handle
46 20060004794 Rich application view system and method
47 20060004777 System and methods for providing a declarative syntax for specifying soap-based web services
48 20060004767 Systems and methods for collecting, representing, transmitting, and interpreting usage and state data for software
49 20060004763 System and methods for constructing personalized context-sensitive portal pages or views by analyzing patterns of users’ information access activities
50 20060004760 Method, system, and apparatus for managing access to a data object
51 20060004750 Method and system for mapping between logical data and physical data
52 20060004748 Search engine spam detection using external data
53 20060004747 Automated taxonomy generation
54 20060004739 System and method for dynamically generating a selectable search extension
55 20060004717 Dispersing search engine results by using page category information
56 20060004716 Presentation-level content filtering for a search result
57 20060004711 System and method for ranking search results based on tracked user preferences
58 20060004705 System and methods for constructing personalized context-sensitive portal pages or views by analyzing patterns of users’ information access activities
59 20060004692 System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
60 20060004686 Real-time reporting, such as real-time reporting of extrinsic attribute values
61 20060004667 Systems and methods for collecting operating system license revenue using an emulated computing environment
62 20060004630 Advertising through digital watermarks
63 20060004618 Explaining task scheduling for a project
64 20060004574 Semantic based validation information in a language model to detect recognition errors and improve dialog performance
65 20060004572 Homonym processing in the context of voice-activated command systems
66 20060004571 Homonym processing in the context of voice-activated command systems
67 20060004570 Transcribing speech data with dialog context and/or recognition alternative information
68 20060004563 Module for creating a language neutral syntax representation using a language particular syntax tree
69 20060004561 Method and system for clustering using generalized sentence patterns
70 20060004554 Systems and methods for development of emulated devices in a virtual machine environment
71 20060003823 Dynamic player groups for interest management in multi-character virtual environments
72 20060003724 System and method for reducing noise in a recording receiver
73 20060002556 Secure certificate enrollment of device over a cellular network
74 20060002547 Multi-channel echo cancellation with round robin regularization
75 20060002546 Multi-input channel and multi-output channel echo cancellation
76 20060002532 Methods and interfaces for probing and understanding behaviors of alerting and filtering systems based on models and simulation from logs
77 20060001650 Using physical objects to adjust attributes of an interactive display application
78 20060001645 Using a physical object to control an attribute of an interactive display application
79 20060001593 System and method for determining display differences between monitors on multi-monitor computer systems
80 20060000344 System and method for aligning and mixing songs of arbitrary genres