Microsoft patent applications published on 10 August 2006

49 US patent applications published on 10 August 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 20060179482 Security critical data containers
2 20060179453 Image and other analysis for contextual ads
3 20060179425 Utilizing abstract descriptions to generate, exchange, and configure service and client runtimes
4 20060179415 User interface for a system and process for providing dynamic communication access and information awareness in an interactive peripheral display
5 20060179404 Method for a browser auto form fill
6 20060179386 Metadata-Facilitated software testing
7 20060179383 Extending test sequences to accepting states
8 20060179351 Target object for dynamic marshaling testing
9 20060179350 Dynamic marshaling testing
10 20060179309 Systems and methods for managing multiple keys for file encryption and decryption
11 20060179298 VPN Enrollment Protocol Gateway
12 20060179211 Power Failure Detection And Correction In A Flash Memory Device
13 20060179196 Priority registers for biasing access to shared resources
14 20060179189 Personalized ink font
15 20060179146 Mapping between object oriented and service oriented representations of a distributed application
16 20060179139 Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
17 20060179133 Method And System For Centralized Network Usage Tracking
18 20060179113 Network domain reputation-based spam filtering
19 20060179108 Relative quality value
20 20060179086 Deletion and compaction using versioned nodes
21 20060179066 Flexible file format for updating an address book
22 20060179053 Improving quality of web search results using a game
23 20060179002 Flexible licensing architecture for licensing digital application
24 20060178884 Interactive clustering method for identifying problems in speech applications
25 20060178883 Method of automatically ranking speech dialog states and transitions to aid in performance analysis in speech applications
26 20060178880 Method and apparatus for reducing noise corruption from an alternative sensor signal during multi-sensory speech enhancement
27 20060178878 Speech recognition status feedback user interface
28 20060178877 Audio Segmentation and Classification
29 20060178875 Training wideband acoustic models in the cepstral domain using mixed-bandwidth training data and extended vectors for speech recognition
30 20060178871 Training wideband acoustic models in the cepstral domain using mixed-bandwidth training data for speech recognition
31 20060178869 Classification filter for processing data for creating a language model
32 20060178861 Systems and methods that utilize machine learning algorithms to facilitate assembly of aids vaccine cocktails
33 20060178858 Baseline architecture monitor application for distributed systems
34 20060178819 Efficient navigation routing system and method
35 20060178809 Resolving discrepancies between location information and route data on a navigation device
36 20060178765 BAYESIAN SCORING
37 20060178152 Communication channel model
38 20060178137 Extending mobile phone networks
39 20060177711 Fuell cell control and data reporting
40 20060177150 Method and system for combining multiple exposure images having scene and camera motion
41 20060177069 Queued sessions for communicating correlated messages over a network
42 20060177062 Methods for Point Compression for Jacobians of Hyperelliptic Curves
43 20060177058 Automatically targeting notifications about events on a network to appropriate persons
44 20060177051 Cryptographic applications of the Cartier pairing
45 20060177046 Dynamic Volume Control
46 20060176827 Network performance tuner
47 20060176397 Displaying an intended video image
48 20060176300 Triangle Management in Triangular Meshes Based on a Tri-Edge Structure
49 20060176271 Interface for consistent program interaction with auxiliary computing devices