Microsoft patent applications published on 12 October 2006

75 US patent applications published on 12 October 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 20060230459 System and method for password protecting an attribute of content transmitted over a network
2 20060230452 Tagging obtained content for white and black listing
3 20060230451 Systems and methods for verifying trust of executable files
4 20060230432 Policy algebra and compatibility model
5 20060230411 Resource accessing with locking
6 20060230406 Tiered command distribution
7 20060230395 Embedded device update service
8 20060230387 Memory management configuration
9 20060230386 Defining and executing defaulting based on metadata definitions
10 20060230384 Methods and apparatus for generating a work item
11 20060230379 System and method for generating a user interface based on metadata exposed by object classes
12 20060230361 User interface with visual tracking feature
13 20060230356 System and method for selecting a tab within a tabbled browser
14 20060230354 User interface with multi-state menu
15 20060230349 Coalesced per-file device synchronization status
16 20060230344 Browser sensitive web content delivery
17 20060230342 System and method for adorning shapes with data driven objects
18 20060230338 Data-driven actions for network forms
19 20060230334 Visual thesaurus as applied to media clip searching
20 20060230333 Creating associated content for a region of a document in response to a user selecting the region
21 20060230331 Generating stylistically relevant placeholder covers for media items
22 20060230324 Visual indication for hung applications
23 20060230321 User interface panel for hung applications
24 20060230312 Methods and systems for performing remote diagnostics
25 20060230311 System and method for undoing application actions using inverse actions with atomic rollback
26 20060230305 Retry request overload protection
27 20060230272 Validating the origin of web content
28 20060230271 Process and method to distribute software product keys electronically to manufacturing entities
29 20060230267 Switching an application, user and security context based on device orientation
30 20060230245 Data storage safety indicator and expander
31 20060230229 Intelligent media caching based on device state
32 20060230164 Efficient retrieval of information from a network service using soap
33 20060230157 Method and system for maintaining buffer registrations in a system area network
34 20060230145 Methods and systems for a multi-service federated content distribution network
35 20060230127 Methods and systems for auto-sensing internet accelerators and proxies for download content
36 20060230124 Distributed computing services platform
37 20060230115 System and method for automatically populating appointment fields
38 20060230083 Method and system for profiling and populating a database
39 20060230076 Virtually infinite reliable storage across multiple storage devices and storage services
40 20060230075 Method and apparatus for exchanging data with a database
41 20060230068 Methods and systems for specifying a user interface for an application
42 20060230065 Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for generating a suggested list of media items based upon a seed
43 20060230055 Live graphical preview with text summaries
44 20060230038 Album art on devices with rules management
45 20060230026 System and method for producing and communicating requested data among networked application programs
46 20060230017 Using query expression signatures in view matching
47 20060230016 Systems and methods for statistics over complex objects
48 20060229926 Comparing and contrasting models of business
49 20060229922 Association and visualization of schematized business networks
50 20060229875 Speaker adaptive learning of resonance targets in a hidden trajectory model of speech coarticulation
51 20060229846 Playbook automation
52 20060229099 Systems and methods for operating a computing device having image capture capabilities
53 20060229097 Computer-readable medium, method, and device for associating information with a contact
54 20060229063 Systems and methods automatically updating contact information
55 20060228690 Smart buttons: training tracker and motivator
56 20060228029 Method and system for video clip compression
57 20060228002 Simultaneous optical flow estimation and image segmentation
58 20060227984 Electret-based accelerometer
59 20060227977 System and process for robust sound source localization
60 20060227965 Locally interative encryption generating compliant ciphertext for general syntax specifications
61 20060227761 Phone-based remote media system interaction
62 20060227713 Method and apparatus to determine whether a network is quality of service enabled
63 20060227708 Compound transmission control protocol
64 20060227364 Method and apparatus for measuring presentation data exposure
65 20060227346 Multiband color management
66 20060227150 Methods and systems for brush composition
67 20060227149 Interpolated color transform for changing color of an application user interface
68 20060227142 Exposing various levels of text granularity for animation and other effects
69 20060227141 System for efficient remote projection of rich interactive user interfaces
70 20060227122 Implementing multiple display modes on one display panel
71 20060227121 Systems and methods for providing a dual mode input device in a computing system
72 20060227117 Circular touch sensor
73 20060227116 Processing for distinguishing pen gestures and dynamic self-calibration of pen-based computing systems
74 20060227099 Responding to change of state of control on device disposed on an interactive display surface
75 20060226981 Method and system for setup of, and communication with, an RFID middleware server from an enterprise resource planning system server