Microsoft patent applications published on 25 May 2006

65 US patent applications published on 25 May 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 20060112422 Data transfer using hyper-text transfer protocol (HTTP) query strings
2 20060112392 Method and system for ranking messages of discussion threads
3 20060112384 System and method for programming an isolated computing environment
4 20060112371 Methods and apparatus for estimation of project schedules
5 20060112370 Runtime Services for Network Software Platform
6 20060112349 Systems and methods for processing input data before, during, and/or after an input focus change event
7 20060112348 Multiple-mode window presentation system and process
8 20060112347 Facilitating target acquisition by expanding targets
9 20060112346 System and method for directional focus navigation
10 20060112339 Mobile device interactions through objects on a computer
11 20060112335 Method and system for providing multiple input connecting user interface
12 20060112329 Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
13 20060112311 Device driver rollback
14 20060112291 Method and apparatus for managing power in network interface modules
15 20060112193 System and method for controlling mass storage class digital imaging devices
16 20060112190 Dependency network based model (or pattern)
17 20060112181 Method and apparatus for controlling execution of an application
18 20060112177 Method and system for controlling access to presence information on a peer-to-peer basis
19 20060112154 File Availability in Distributed File Storage Systems
20 20060112152 Smart patching by targeting particular prior versions of a file
21 20060112137 Systems and methods for proactive caching utilizing olap variants
22 20060112129 Attributed relationship modeling with perspective
23 20060112127 Method for efficiently mapping error messages to unique identifiers
24 20060112116 XML storage solution and data interchange file format structure
25 20060112115 Data structure for efficient access to variable-size data objects
26 20060112098 Client-based generation of music playlists via clustering of music similarity vectors
27 20060112082 Client-based generation of music playlists from a server-provided subset of music similarity vectors
28 20060112081 Storing searches in an e-mail folder
29 20060112068 Method and system for determining similarity of items based on similarity objects and their features
30 20060112043 Maximizing mutual information between observations and hidden states to minimize classification errors
31 20060112042 Probability estimate for K-nearest neighbor
32 20060112036 Method and system for identifying questions within a discussion thread
33 20060112031 Method and system for learning an attention model for an image
34 20060112018 Synchronizing contents of removable storage devices with a multimedia network
35 20060111985 Systems, methods and apparatus for content storage, auction and management
36 20060111971 System and method for on-line and off-line advertising in content delivered to a display screen
37 20060111970 System and method for selling on-line and off-line advertising in content delivered to a display screen
38 20060111951 Time polynomial arrow-debreu market equilibrium
39 20060111928 Customer Specific Catalogs Based on a Set of Standard Catalogs
40 20060111926 Realizing legally binding business contracts through service management models
41 20060111916 Microphone feedback and control
42 20060111907 Generic spelling mnemonics
43 20060111896 Projecting dependencies to generate target language dependency structure
44 20060111892 Extracting treelet translation pairs
45 20060111891 Order model for dependency structure
46 20060111890 Controlled manipulation of characters
47 20060111880 Architecture for distributed computing system and automated design, deployment, and management of distributed applications
48 20060111801 Automatic classification of media entities according to melodic movement properties
49 20060111800 Converting M channels of digital audio data into N channels of digital audio data
50 20060110059 Efficient macroblock header coding for video compression
51 20060110057 Method and system for detecting black frames in a sequence of frames
52 20060110047 Fuzzy image comparator
53 20060110045 System and method for validating graphical components of images
54 20060110044 System and method for validating graphical components of images by synthesis
55 20060110043 System and method for validating graphical components of images by analysis
56 20060110040 System and method facilitating pattern recognition
57 20060110028 Method and system for generating a classifier using inter-sample relationships
58 20060110027 Rapid Computer Modeling of Faces for Animation
59 20060110006 Content Recognizer via Probabilistic Mirror Distribution
60 20060109790 System and method for using a hop limited cast for internet egress point selection
61 20060109263 Universal computing device
62 20060109252 Reducing accidental touch-sensitive device activation
63 20060109245 Pointing device and cursor for use in intelligent computing environments
64 20060109199 Edge lighting system for interactive display surface
65 20060107823 Constructing a table of music similarity vectors from a music similarity graph