Microsoft patent applications published on 30 March 2006

94 US patent applications published on 30 March 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 20060070130 System and method of identifying the source of an attack on a computer network
2 20060070112 Filtering a permission set using permission requests associated with a code assembly
3 20060070086 Application development with unified programming models
4 20060070084 Method and apparatus for creating templates
5 20060070081 Integration of speech services with telecommunications
6 20060070077 Providing custom product support for a software program
7 20060070068 System and method for state management and workflow control
8 20060070056 Isolating software deployment over a network from external malicious intrusion
9 20060070041 Constrained execution regions
10 20060070040 Dynamic prefetching of hot data streams
11 20060070037 Method, system, and apparatus for providing customer product support for a software program based upon states of program execution instability
12 20060070035 Test automation stack layering
13 20060070031 Entity domains
14 20060070025 Workflow schedule authoring tool
15 20060070024 Web service generation
16 20060070023 Object framework and services for periodically recurring operations
17 20060070021 Generating and managing filter strings in a filter graph
18 20060070020 Method and system for providing cross project commitments
19 20060070019 Methods and systems for caching and synchronizing project data
20 20060070008 Preserving browser window integrity
21 20060070007 Rich drag drop user interface
22 20060070005 Editing the text of an arbitraty graphic via a hierarchical list
23 20060070004 System and method for unified navigation
24 20060069993 Method and system for multithread processing of spreadsheet chain calculations
25 20060069990 Method and computer-readable medium for previewing and performing actions on attachments to electronic mail messages
26 20060069989 Method and apparatus for utilizing an object model for managing content regions in an electronic document
27 20060069987 Method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for managing specific types of content in an electronic document
28 20060069985 Parsing extensible markup language (XML) data streams
29 20060069983 Method and apparatus for utilizing an extensible markup language schema to define document parts for use in an electronic document
30 20060069982 Click distance determination
31 20060069961 Systems and methods for prioritized data-driven software testing
32 20060069950 System and method for testing computing devices
33 20060069919 Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
34 20060069870 Method and system for improved reliability in storage devices
35 20060069853 Software management
36 20060069852 Free sector manager for data stored in flash memory devices
37 20060069840 Universal serial bus device
38 20060069819 Universal serial bus device
39 20060069808 Selective display of content
40 20060069805 Network system role determination
41 20060069800 System and method for erasure coding of streaming media
42 20060069798 Digital rights management scheme for an on-demand distributed streaming system
43 20060069797 Systems and methods for multimedia remoting over terminal server connections
44 20060069795 Methods to test multimedia devices on computer systems
45 20060069792 Method to offload a network stack
46 20060069758 Providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
47 20060069736 Content formatting and installation techniques
48 20060069735 Content formatting and installation techniques
49 20060069733 Detection and removal of information in files
50 20060069727 System and method for synchronizing between an instant messenger client and a central contact store
51 20060069712 System and method providing multi-tier applications architecture
52 20060069696 Method and implementation for referencing of dynamic data within spreadsheet formulas
53 20060069694 User interface for database display
54 20060069684 Conversion between application objects and smart client objects
55 20060069682 Profiler tool for database servers
56 20060069672 Query forced indexing
57 20060069667 Content evaluation
58 20060069666 Contextual action publishing
59 20060069653 First computer process and second computer process proxy-executing code on behalf of first process
60 20060069613 System for partial automation of content review of network advertisements
61 20060069612 System and method for generating an orchestrated advertising campaign
62 20060069605 Workflow association in a collaborative application
63 20060069604 User interface for providing task management and calendar information
64 20060069603 Two-dimensional radial user interface for computer software applications
65 20060069599 Workflow tasks in a collaborative application
66 20060069596 Workflow hosting computing system using a collaborative application
67 20060069590 Intelligent trust management method and system
68 20060069573 Speech controls for use with a speech system
69 20060069571 Systems and methods for managing interactions from multiple speech-enabled applications
70 20060069563 Constrained mixed-initiative in a voice-activated command system
71 20060069547 Creating a speech recognition grammar for alphanumeric concepts
72 20060069545 Method and apparatus for transducer-based text normalization and inverse text normalization
73 20060069544 Network emulator architecture
74 20060068911 Game console communication with a computer
75 20060068910 Game console communication with a device
76 20060068811 Collaboratively locating disconnected clients and rogue access points in a wireless network
77 20060068769 Detecting and diagnosing performance problems in a wireless network through neighbor collaboration
78 20060067402 Seamless switching of scalable video bitstreams
79 20060067401 Seamless switching of scalable video bitstreams
80 20060067351 Method and system for network emulation using bandwidth emulation techniques
81 20060067244 Registration identifier reuse
82 20060066738 Multispectral digital camera employing both visible light and non-visible light sensing on a single image sensor
83 20060066632 Maintaining graphical presentations based on user customizations
84 20060066631 Method, system, and computer-readable medium for creating and laying out a graphic within an application program
85 20060066629 System and method for color selection
86 20060066628 System and method for controlling dynamically interactive parameters for image processing
87 20060066627 Semantically applying formatting to a presentation model
88 20060066624 Method and system for generating per-pixel error bounds for a rendered image
89 20060066619 Simplifying complex characters to maintain legibility
90 20060066576 Keyboard or other input device using ranging for detection of control piece movement
91 20060066564 Method and system for hiding visible infrared markings
92 20060065708 Electronic business card processing device and method
93 20060065707 Information processing system, information processing method, program, and recording system
94 20060065104 Transport control for initiating play of dynamically rendered audio content