Microsoft patents granted on 01 July 2008

47 US patents granted on 01 July 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D572,206 Button configuration portion of an electronic controller
2 7,395,544 Regulating the quality of a broadcast based on monitored viewing behavior information
3 7,395,540 Automated business software application integration
4 7,395,534 System and method for progressively installing a software application
5 7,395,525 Method and apparatus for displaying computer program errors as hypertext
6 7,395,513 System and method of providing multiple installation actions
7 7,395,511 User interface and method to facilitate hierarchical specification of queries using an information taxonomy
8 7,395,507 Automated selection of appropriate information based on a computer user’s context
9 7,395,506 Spy-resistant keyboard
10 7,395,496 Systems and methods for enhanced stored data verification utilizing pageable pool memory
11 7,395,456 Query-based identification of user interface elements
12 7,395,453 System and method for splitting an image across multiple computer readable media
13 7,395,452 Method and system for improved reliability in storage devices
14 7,395,446 Systems and methods for the implementation of a peer-to-peer rule-based pull autonomous synchronization system
15 7,395,438 Digital rights management (DRM) encryption and data-protection for content on device without interactive authentication
16 7,395,428 Delegating certificate validation
17 7,395,389 Extending non-volatile storage at a computer system
18 7,395,387 System and method for backing up and restoring data
19 7,395,335 Distributed load balancing for single entry-point systems
20 7,395,331 Suspension and reinstatement of reference handles
21 7,395,328 Method and system for detecting a dead server
22 7,395,320 Providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
23 7,395,312 Integrating online community and program development environments
24 7,395,311 Performing generic challenges in a distributed system
25 7,395,278 Transaction consistent copy-on-write database
26 7,395,269 Systems and methods for changing items in a computer file
27 7,395,264 Promotable transactions with promotable single phase enlistments
28 7,395,242 Method and system for restricting the usage of payment accounts
29 7,395,210 Progressive to lossless embedded audio coder (PLEAC) with multiple factorization reversible transform
30 7,395,208 Integrating external voices
31 7,395,199 Emulating the operation of a video graphics adapter
32 7,395,059 Input device with user-balanced performance and power consumption
33 7,394,967 Recorded content management
34 7,394,939 Managing file stream generation
35 7,394,936 System and method for curve recognition in a hand-drawn chart in ink input
36 7,394,935 System and method for editing a hand-drawn chart in ink input
37 7,394,934 Recognition of electronic ink with late strokes
38 7,394,907 System and process for sound source localization using microphone array beamsteering
39 7,394,821 System and method for maintaining network system information
40 7,394,565 System and method for dynamically controlling gamut mapping functions
41 7,394,469 Picking TV safe colors
42 7,394,467 System, method and computer program product for general environment mapping
43 7,394,464 Preshaders: optimization of GPU programs
44 7,394,459 Interaction between objects and a virtual environment display
45 7,394,457 Device behavior based on surrounding devices
46 7,394,454 Data input device and method for detecting lift-off from a tracking surface by electrical impedance measurement
47 7,394,092 Quasi-particle interferometry for logical gates