Microsoft patents granted on 01 March 2011

60 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D633,526 Icon for a display screen
2 D633,525 Icon for a display screen
3 D633,524 Icon for a display screen
4 D633,523 Icon for a display screen
5 D633,522 Icon for a display screen
6 D633,521 Portion of a display screen with an icon
7 D633,520 Display screen with a user interface
8 D633,519 Display screen with a user interface
9 D633,518 Display screen with a user interface
10 D633,517 Display screen with user interface
11 D633,516 Display screen with user interface
12 D633,515 Display screen with user interface
13 D633,513 User interface for a portion of a display screen
14 D633,512 User interface for a portion of a display screen
15 D633,511 Display screen with user interface
16 D633,499 Keyboard
17 D633,497 Keyboard
18 7,900,260 Method for lifetime tracking of intellectual property
19 7,900,257 Enhanced computer intrusion detection methods and systems
20 7,900,248 Access control negation using negative groups
21 7,900,247 Trusted third party authentication for web services
22 7,900,217 Dynamic DLL cycle resolution
23 7,900,203 Data sharing and synchronization with relay endpoint and sync data element
24 7,900,202 Identification of software execution data
25 7,900,159 Techniques for representing and organizing user interface data
26 7,900,158 Virtual magnifying glass with intuitive use enhancements
27 7,900,152 Adaptable user interface for business software
28 7,900,142 Selective undo of editing operations performed on data objects
29 7,900,140 Media processing methods, systems and application program interfaces
30 7,900,135 Extensible markup language rendering and layout
31 7,900,134 Authoring arbitrary XML documents using DHTML and XSLT
32 7,900,002 Multi-client cluster-based backup and restore
33 7,899,999 Handling falsely doomed parents of nested transactions
34 7,899,921 Verifying and maintaining connection liveliness in a reliable messaging for web services environment
35 7,899,917 Synchronization framework for occasionally connected applications
36 7,899,903 Template based management system
37 7,899,892 Management of extensibility servers and applications
38 7,899,883 Merging versions of documents using multiple masters
39 7,899,872 System and method for improved synchronization between a server and a client
40 7,899,870 Determination of participation in a malicious software campaign
41 7,899,866 Using message features and sender identity for email spam filtering
42 7,899,864 Multi-user terminal services accelerator
43 7,899,846 Declarative model editor generation
44 7,899,840 Group joins to navigate data relationships
45 7,899,817 Safe mode for inverse query evaluations
46 7,899,805 Augmenting URL queries
47 7,899,798 Observing and reporting changes in complex software dependencies
48 7,899,788 Using a data protection server to backup and restore data on virtual servers
49 7,899,776 Explaining changes in measures thru data mining
50 7,899,673 Automatic pruning of grammars in a multi-application speech recognition interface
51 7,899,475 Enhanced short message service (SMS)
52 7,899,251 Balancing out-of-dictionary and in-dictionary recognition scores
53 7,899,168 Controlling or monitoring PBX phone from multiple PC endpoints
54 7,899,047 Virtual network with adaptive dispatcher
55 7,899,031 Locally terminating an established connection
56 7,898,950 Techniques to perform rate matching for multimedia conference calls
57 7,898,533 Video presenting network configuration solution space traversal
58 7,898,500 Auxiliary display within a primary display system
59 7,898,417 Standardized mechanism for printing labels and managing templates within RFID
60 7,896,230 Method and business process for the estimation of erosion costs in assemble-to-order manufacturing operations