Microsoft patents granted on 02 December 2008

48 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D581,960 Electronic camera
2 D581,942 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D581,941 Icon for a portion of a display screen
4 D581,940 User interface for a display screen
5 D581,930 Electronic mouse
6 D581,929 Computer input device
7 7,461,392 System and method for identifying and segmenting repeating media objects embedded in a stream
8 7,461,355 Navigational interface for mobile and wearable computers
9 7,461,351 Interactive formatting interface
10 7,461,348 Systems and methods for processing input data before, during, and/or after an input focus change event
11 7,461,344 Mixed initiative interface control
12 7,461,340 Integrated decorative panels
13 7,461,332 Automatic layout of content in a design for a medium
14 7,461,312 Digital signature generation for hardware functional test
15 7,461,292 Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
16 7,461,223 Retaining shadow copy data during replication
17 7,461,170 Zone-based rendering of resource addresses
18 7,461,153 Systems and methods for switching internet contexts without process shutdown
19 7,461,129 Methods and systems for end-user extensible electronic mail
20 7,461,123 System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications
21 7,461,095 Image server store system and method using combined image views
22 7,461,090 System and method for selection of media items
23 7,461,073 Co-clustering objects of heterogeneous types
24 7,461,059 Dynamically updated search results based upon continuously-evolving search query that is based at least in part upon phrase suggestion, search engine uses previous result sets performing additional search tasks
25 7,461,056 Text mining apparatus and associated methods
26 7,461,054 Uniform resource discovery and API layering
27 7,461,053 System and interface for manipulating a database
28 7,460,999 Method and apparatus for executing tasks in voice-activated command systems
29 7,460,996 Using strong data types to express speech recognition grammars in software programs
30 7,460,993 Adaptive window-size selection in transform coding
31 7,460,992 Method of pattern recognition using noise reduction uncertainty
32 7,460,990 Efficient coding of digital media spectral data using wide-sense perceptual similarity
33 7,460,891 Method and system to shut down and control computer radios
34 7,460,884 Data buddy
35 7,460,855 Selective pre-authentication to anticipated primary wireless access points
36 7,460,730 Video registration and image sequence stitching
37 7,460,712 Systems and methods for adaptive handwriting recognition
38 7,460,683 Asymmetric spread-spectrum watermarking systems and methods of use
39 7,460,495 Serverless peer-to-peer multi-party real-time audio communication system and method
40 7,460,270 Evaluation of color image quality
41 7,460,173 Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video data
42 7,460,160 Multispectral digital camera employing both visible light and non-visible light sensing on a single image sensor
43 7,460,134 System and method for moving computer displayable content into a preferred user interactive focus area
44 7,460,124 Vector-based geometric polygon schema
45 7,460,111 Computer input device
46 7,460,107 Computer input device with multi-purpose light guide
47 7,460,106 Method and apparatus for computer input using six degrees of freedom
48 7,458,894 Online gaming spectator system