Microsoft patents granted on 02 June 2009

53 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,543,336 System and method for secure storage of data using public and private keys
2 7,543,335 Method and system for allowing code to be securely initialized in a computer
3 7,543,333 Enhanced computer intrusion detection methods and systems
4 7,543,326 Dynamic rate control
5 7,543,324 Pre-fragmentation of data destined for low resource clients
6 7,543,323 Retrieving content using batch mode and real-time logical addresses
7 7,543,319 Presenting notifications in response to viewer-initiated actions
8 7,543,309 Efficient linking and loading for late binding and platform retargeting
9 7,543,308 System and related methods for reducing source filter invocation in a development project
10 7,543,293 Privelege level changing for virtual memory mapping
11 7,543,286 Method and system for mapping tags to classes using namespaces
12 7,543,278 System and method for making a user interface element visible
13 7,543,271 Compiling source code using generic classes
14 7,543,267 Drag and drop creation and editing of a page incorporating scripts
15 7,543,266 Lock-free state merging in parallelized constraint satisfaction problem solvers
16 7,543,244 Determining and displaying a list of most commonly used items
17 7,543,243 Identifying likely recipients of a message
18 7,543,242 Method and structure for implementing layered object windows
19 7,543,238 System and method for directly accessing functionality provided by an application
20 7,543,235 Methods and systems for creating skins
21 7,543,228 Template for rendering an electronic form
22 7,543,226 Methods and systems for objects supporting structured language persistent state
23 7,543,148 Audio watermarking with covert channel and permutations
24 7,543,145 System and method for protecting configuration settings in distributed text-based configuration files
25 7,543,140 Revocation of a certificate and exclusion of other principals in a digital rights management (DRM) system based on a revocation list from a delegated revocation authority
26 7,543,076 Message header spam filtering
27 7,543,073 System and process for performing an exponentially weighted moving average on streaming data to establish a moving average bit rate
28 7,543,065 Method and system for reducing the number of ports allocated by a relay
29 7,543,061 Method and system for distributing load by redirecting traffic
30 7,543,059 Page-view recording with click-thru tracking
31 7,543,053 Intelligent quarantining for spam prevention
32 7,543,023 Service support framework for peer to peer applications
33 7,543,003 Providing change notifications to an entity-regarding a change of a specific type to data in a relational database
34 7,542,999 Extended file system
35 7,542,976 Local metadata embedding and decoding
36 7,542,969 Domain knowledge-assisted information processing
37 7,542,967 Searching an index of media content
38 7,542,965 Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for searching and navigating a document database
39 7,542,900 Noise reduction using correction vectors based on dynamic aspects of speech and noise normalization
40 7,542,882 System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
41 7,542,845 Information navigation interface
42 7,542,600 Video image quality
43 7,542,557 Display accurate information when multiple contacts are matched for an incoming phone number
44 7,542,431 Nodal pattern configuration
45 7,542,429 Distributed internet user experience monitoring system
46 7,542,073 Scene capturing and view rendering based on a longitudinally aligned camera array
47 7,542,049 Hardware accelerated anti-aliased primitives using alpha gradients
48 7,541,535 Initiating play of dynamically rendered audio content
49 D593,580 Icon for a display screen
50 D593,578 Animated image for a display screen
51 D593,576 User interface for a display screen
52 D593,575 User interface for a display screen
53 D593,571 User interface for a display screen