Microsoft patents granted on 02 March 2010

68 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D611,053 Transitional user interface for a portion of a display screen
2 7,673,341 System and method of efficiently identifying and removing active malware from a computer
3 7,673,330 Ad-hoc creation of group based on contextual information
4 7,673,326 System and method utilizing clean groups for security management
5 7,673,325 Configuration of WiFi network parameters
6 7,673,322 System and method for recording a signal using a central point of control
7 7,673,315 System and method for providing program criteria representing audio and/or visual programming
8 7,673,306 Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
9 7,673,304 Multithreaded kernel for graphics processing unit
10 7,673,303 Simplified device drivers for hardware devices of a computer system
11 7,673,299 System and method for dynamically verifying the compatibility of a user interface resource
12 7,673,286 Architecture for converting control types in a data bound user interface
13 7,673,255 Interface and system for manipulating thumbnails of live windows in a window manager
14 7,673,250 Systems and methods for a dimmable user interface
15 7,673,235 Method and apparatus for utilizing an object model to manage document parts for use in an electronic document
16 7,673,233 Browser tab management
17 7,673,230 Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via tabs
18 7,673,228 Data-driven actions for network forms
19 7,673,227 User interface for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
20 7,673,178 Break and optional hold on failure
21 7,673,148 Versioning component for applications
22 7,673,135 Request authentication token
23 7,673,131 Booting an operating system in discrete stages
24 7,673,109 Restricting type access to high-trust components
25 7,673,088 Multi-tasking interference model
26 7,673,069 Strong routing consistency protocol in structured peer-to-peer overlays
27 7,673,051 Resource usage conflict identifier
28 7,673,050 System and method for optimizing server resources while providing interaction with documents accessible through the server
29 7,673,046 Trusted network transfer of content using off network input code
30 7,673,045 Multiple site automated logout
31 7,673,040 Monitoring of service provider performance
32 7,673,020 System and method for facilitating communication between a computing device and multiple categories of media devices
33 7,673,013 Methods and systems for processing multi-media editing projects
34 7,673,003 Social network email filtering
35 7,673,001 Enterprise management of public instant message communications
36 7,673,000 Email service
37 7,672,995 System and method for publishing collaboration items to a web site
38 7,672,986 Managing graphic databases
39 7,672,975 Methods and systems for repairing playlists
40 7,672,967 Method and system for obfuscating data structures by deterministic natural data substitution
41 7,672,966 Adding extrinsic data columns to an existing database schema using a temporary column pool
42 7,672,960 Performing operations on a set of objects in a database system
43 7,672,953 Publishing work activity information key tags associated with shared databases in social networks
44 7,672,943 Calculating a downloading priority for the uniform resource locator in response to the domain density score, the anchor text score, the URL string score, the category need score, and the link proximity score for targeted web crawling
45 7,672,940 Processing an electronic document for information extraction
46 7,672,939 System and method providing automated margin tree analysis and processing of sampled data
47 7,672,938 Creating search enabled web pages
48 7,672,931 Searching for content using voice search queries
49 7,672,928 Query forced indexing
50 7,672,912 Classifying knowledge aging in emails using Naive Bayes Classifier
51 7,672,909 Machine learning system and method comprising segregator convergence and recognition components to determine the existence of possible tagging data trends and identify that predetermined convergence criteria have been met or establish criteria for taxonomy purpose then recognize items based on an aggregate of user tagging behavior
52 7,672,852 Localization of prompts
53 7,672,832 Standardized natural language chunking utility
54 7,672,743 Digital audio processing
55 7,672,542 Image frame abstraction model for image codecs
56 7,672,483 Controlling and customizing access to spatial information
57 7,672,234 Congestion avoidance within aggregate channels
58 7,671,893 System and method for interactive multi-view video
59 7,671,891 Online camera calibration
60 7,671,862 Systems and methods for providing an enhanced graphics pipeline
61 7,671,860 Representing implicit curves of procedural geometric surfaces
62 7,671,845 Directional input device and display orientation control
63 7,671,782 State-sensitive navigation aid
64 7,671,737 Monitoring and notification apparatus
65 7,671,497 Hobby servo adapter
66 7,670,701 Apparatus and method for heating fuel cells
67 7,670,227 Changeable console face plate
68 7,670,220 Racing games and other games having garage, showroom, and test drive features