Microsoft patents granted on 02 May 2006

29 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,039,919 Tools and techniques for instrumenting interfaces of units of a software program
2 7,039,908 Unification-based points-to-analysis using multilevel typing
3 7,039,801 System and method for integrating secure and non-secure software objects
4 7,039,727 System and method for controlling mass storage class digital imaging devices
5 7,039,715 Methods and systems for a receiver to allocate bandwidth among incoming communications flows
6 7,039,713 System and method of user authentication for network communication through a policy agent
7 7,039,712 Network connection setup procedure for traffic admission control and implicit network bandwidth reservation
8 7,039,699 Tracking usage behavior in computer systems
9 7,039,695 System and method for archiving within a client management tool
10 7,039,642 Decision-theoretic methods for identifying relevant substructures of a hierarchical file structure to enhance the efficiency of document access, browsing, and storage
11 7,039,635 Dynamically updated quick searches and strategies
12 7,039,631 System and method for providing search results with configurable scoring formula
13 7,039,615 Retail transactions involving digital content in a digital rights management (DRM) system
14 7,039,582 Speech recognition using dual-pass pitch tracking
15 7,039,478 Method and system for authoring a soundscape for a media application
16 7,039,234 Electronic ink as a software object
17 7,039,219 System and method providing improved head motion estimations for animation
18 7,039,216 Automatic sketch generation
19 7,039,200 System and process for time delay estimation in the presence of correlated noise and reverberation
20 7,039,199 System and process for locating a speaker using 360 degree sound source localization
21 7,038,697 Color gradient paths
22 7,038,694 Automatic scenery object generation
23 7,038,690 Methods and systems for displaying animated graphics on a computing device
24 7,038,661 Pointing device and cursor for use in intelligent computing environments
25 7,036,938 Pen projection display
26 7,036,738 PCMCIA-compliant smart card secured memory assembly for porting user profiles and documents
27 D520,050 Type font
28 D520,049 Type font
29 D520,019 Portion of an image for a display screen