Microsoft patents granted on 03 February 2009

49 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D585,910 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D585,909 Portion of a display screen showing a transitional user interface
3 7,487,515 Programmable object model for extensible markup language schema validation
4 7,487,511 Method and apparatus for providing and integrating high-performance message queues in a interface environment
5 7,487,498 Strategy for referencing code resources
6 7,487,460 Interface for presenting data representations in a screen-area inset
7 7,487,457 Application sharing single document sharing
8 7,487,456 System and method for automatically populating appointment fields
9 7,487,454 Managing arbitrary window regions for more effective use of screen space
10 7,487,452 Method and system for making resources available
11 7,487,448 Document mark up methods and systems
12 7,487,446 Using a word processor with accounting data
13 7,487,442 Method, system, and computer-readable medium for the layout of automatically-placed elements and user-placed elements in a chart
14 7,487,433 Exception handling in content based routing solutions
15 7,487,395 Method, system, and apparatus for creating an architectural model for generating robust and easy to manage data protection applications in a data protection system
16 7,487,384 Analysis of pipelined networks
17 7,487,380 Execution recovery escalation policy
18 7,487,365 Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
19 7,487,354 Methods and systems for using digital signatures in uniform resource locators
20 7,487,352 Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
21 7,487,278 Locking multiple resources in a distributed environment
22 7,487,249 System and method for unified registration information collection
23 7,487,245 Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
24 7,487,230 Dynamic self-configuration for AD HOC peer networking
25 7,487,217 Network domain reputation-based spam filtering
26 7,487,214 Integrated electronic mail and instant messaging application
27 7,487,211 Interactive, computer network-based video conferencing system and process
28 7,487,193 Fast video codec transform implementations
29 7,487,190 Automated identification and marking of new and changed content in a structured document
30 7,487,189 Extensible remote data synchronization
31 7,487,187 Method and apparatus for two stage transaction handling
32 7,487,186 Protocol agnostic database change tracking
33 7,487,185 Technique for changing views of web content
34 7,487,181 Targeted rules and action based client support
35 7,487,176 Extending a directory schema independent of schema modification
36 7,487,168 System and method for loading hierarchical data into relational database systems
37 7,487,144 Inline search results from user-created search verticals
38 7,487,095 Method and apparatus for managing user conversations
39 7,487,087 Method of speech recognition using variational inference with switching state space models
40 7,487,056 Precision of localization estimates
41 7,486,823 Active embedded interaction coding
42 7,486,822 Active embedded interaction coding
43 7,486,815 Method and apparatus for scene learning and three-dimensional tracking using stereo video cameras
44 7,486,755 Method and system for undersampled symbol synchronization
45 7,486,692 Modularization of broadcast receiver driver components
46 7,486,294 Vector graphics element-based model, application programming interface, and markup language
47 7,486,282 Size variant pressure eraser
48 7,486,277 Character and text unit input correction system
49 7,484,664 Rich object model for diverse auto-ID tags