Microsoft patents granted on 03 January 2006

21 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 6,983,467 Application programming interface enabling application programs to group code and data to control allocation of physical memory in a virtual memory system
2 6,983,466 Multimedia project processing systems and multimedia project processing matrix systems
3 6,983,464 Dynamic reconfiguration of multimedia stream processing modules
4 6,983,463 Network independent profiling of applications for automatic partitioning and distribution in a distributed computing environment
5 6,983,408 Managing error/status information generated during video processing
6 6,983,365 Encryption systems and methods for identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with different keys
7 6,983,331 Selective display of content
8 6,983,317 Enterprise management system
9 6,983,305 Systems and methods for interfacing with a user in instant messaging
10 6,983,287 Database build for web delivery
11 6,983,271 Answer wizard drop-down control
12 6,983,252 Interactive human-machine interface with a plurality of active states, storing user input in a node of a multinode token
13 6,983,247 Augmented-word language model
14 6,983,050 Methods and apparatus for protecting information content
15 6,983,018 Efficient motion vector coding for video compression
16 6,982,949 Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved wireless network cell boundary detection
17 6,982,725 Dropout control in subpixel rendering
18 6,982,714 Systems and methods for providing a fine to coarse look ahead in connection with parametrization metrics in a graphics system
19 6,982,708 Visually displaying sequentially ordered data for mining
20 6,982,697 System and process for selecting objects in a ubiquitous computing environment
21 6,981,918 Method and apparatus for creating and playing soundtracks in a gaming system