Microsoft patents granted on 03 October 2006

38 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 RE39,326 Method and apparatus for suggesting completions for a partially entered data item based on previously-entered, associated data items
2 D529,511 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D529,510 Image for a portion of a display screen
4 D529,509 Image for a portion of a display screen
5 D529,508 Icon for a portion of a display screen
6 D529,507 Image for a portion of a display screen
7 D529,506 Image for a portion of a display screen
8 7,117,535 Software-generated machine identifier
9 7,117,528 Contested account registration
10 7,117,504 Application program interface that enables communication for a network software platform
11 7,117,503 System and method employing script-based device drivers
12 7,117,487 Structural equivalence of expressions containing processes and queries
13 7,117,483 Server debugging framework using scripts
14 7,117,453 Media frame object visualization system
15 7,117,439 Advertising using a combination of video and banner advertisements
16 7,117,435 Spreadsheet fields in text
17 7,117,430 Spreadsheet error checker
18 7,117,371 Shared names
19 7,117,369 Portable smart card secured memory system for porting user profiles and documents
20 7,117,286 Portable computing device-integrated appliance
21 7,117,256 Method and system for transferring and sharing images between devices and locations
22 7,117,218 System and method for expressing and calculating a relationship between measures
23 7,117,153 Method and apparatus for predicting word error rates from text
24 7,117,148 Method of noise reduction using correction vectors based on dynamic aspects of speech and noise normalization
25 7,117,144 Spell checking for text input via reduced keypad keys
26 7,116,840 Decoding and error correction in 2-D arrays
27 7,116,834 System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
28 7,116,831 Chrominance motion vector rounding
29 7,116,830 Spatial extrapolation of pixel values in intraframe video coding and decoding
30 7,116,822 Method and system for data entry of handwritten symbols
31 7,116,716 Systems and methods for generating a motion attention model
32 7,116,337 Transparent depth sorting
33 7,116,333 Data retrieval method and system
34 7,116,332 API communications for vertex and pixel shaders
35 7,116,311 Embedded text input
36 7,116,310 Application programming interface that maps input device controls to software actions
37 7,115,808 Automatic music mood detection
38 7,114,649 Automatic generation of bank deposits