Microsoft patents granted on 05 January 2010

61 US patents granted on 05 January 2010 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D607,456 Electronic mouse
2 D607,455 Electronic mouse
3 D607,454 Electronic mouse
4 D607,452 Electronic mouse
5 7,644,446 Encryption and data-protection for content on portable medium
6 7,644,445 Secure key management for scalable codestreams
7 7,644,442 Systems and methods for using machine attributes to deter software piracy in an enterprise environment
8 7,644,440 Integrity ordainment and ascertainment of computer-executable instructions with consideration for execution context
9 7,644,437 Method and apparatus for local area networks
10 7,644,427 Time-centric training, interference and user interface for personalized media program guides
11 7,644,423 System and method for generating media consumption statistics
12 7,644,415 Application programming interface to the simple object access protocol
13 7,644,414 Application program interface for network software platform
14 7,644,413 User mode device driver interface
15 7,644,396 Optimal program execution replay and breakpoints
16 7,644,393 System and method for storing and reporting information associated with asserts
17 7,644,391 Sidebar engine, object model and schema
18 7,644,376 Flexible architecture for notifying applications of state changes
19 7,644,374 Computer input control for specifying scope with explicit exclusions
20 7,644,373 User interface for viewing clusters of images
21 7,644,372 Area frequency radial menus
22 7,644,371 User interface and method to facilitate hierarchical specification of queries using an information taxonomy
23 7,644,367 User interface automation framework classes and interfaces
24 7,644,364 Photo and video collage effects
25 7,644,354 Systems and methods for supporting flexible information appearance and behavior with extensible multi-phase transform engine
26 7,644,314 Retroactive verbose logging
27 7,644,305 Quorum establishment based on a vote from a voting device
28 7,644,287 Portion-level in-memory module authentication
29 7,644,275 Pass-thru for client authentication
30 7,644,246 Using limits on address translation to control access to an addressable entity
31 7,644,239 Non-volatile memory cache performance improvement
32 7,644,238 Timestamp based transactional memory
33 7,644,175 Client-to-server streaming of multimedia content using HTTP
34 7,644,172 Communicating via a connection between a streaming server and a client without breaking the connection
35 7,644,144 Methods, tools, and interfaces for the dynamic assignment of people to groups to enable enhanced communication and collaboration
36 7,644,111 Framework for content representation and delivery
37 7,644,107 System and method for batched indexing of network documents
38 7,644,103 MediaDescription data structures for carrying descriptive content metadata and content acquisition data in multimedia systems
39 7,644,094 System and method for processing a large data set using a prediction model having a feature selection capability
40 7,644,077 Methods, computer readable mediums and systems for linking related data from at least two data sources based upon a scoring algorithm
41 7,644,075 Keyword usage score based on frequency impulse and frequency weight
42 7,644,074 Search by document type and relevance
43 7,644,064 Systems and methods for filter table optimization
44 7,644,002 Multi-pass variable bitrate media encoding
45 7,643,999 Microphone feedback and control
46 7,643,995 Method of automatically ranking speech dialog states and transitions to aid in performance analysis in speech applications
47 7,643,989 Method and apparatus for vocal tract resonance tracking using nonlinear predictor and target-guided temporal restraint
48 7,643,985 Context-sensitive communication and translation methods for enhanced interactions and understanding among speakers of different languages
49 7,643,953 Determination of incremental value in server processed data
50 7,643,687 Analysis hints
51 7,643,676 System and method for adaptive interpolation of images from patterned sensors
52 7,643,675 Strategies for processing image information using a color information data structure
53 7,643,637 Efficient code constructions via cryptographic assumptions
54 7,643,491 Scheduling connections between peers in a peer-to-peer file sharing environment
55 7,643,483 System and method for using a hop limited cast for internet egress point selection
56 7,643,473 Instant messaging with audio connection formation
57 7,643,283 Adaptive dock for use with personal media players
58 7,643,035 High dynamic range image viewing on low dynamic range displays
59 7,643,034 Synthesis of advecting texture using adaptive regeneration
60 7,643,032 Texture-based packing, such as for packing 8-bit pixels into two bits
61 7,643,030 Method and system for efficiently evaluating and drawing NURBS surfaces for 3D graphics