Microsoft patents granted on 05 October 2010

55 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D624,931 Graphic user interface for a display screen
2 D624,930 Graphic user interface for a display screen
3 D624,929 Graphic user interface for a display screen
4 D624,928 Graphic user interface for a display screen
5 D624,927 User interface for a portion of a display screen
6 D624,926 User interface for a portion of a display screen
7 D624,918 Electronic mouse
8 D624,916 Keyboard
9 7,810,163 Secure media path methods, systems, and architectures
10 7,810,160 Combining communication policies into common rules store
11 7,810,153 Controlling execution of computer applications
12 7,810,148 Enabling terminal services through a firewall
13 7,810,143 Credential interface
14 7,810,136 Service routing and web integration in a distributed, multi-site user authentication system
15 7,810,106 Uniform access to entities in registered data store services
16 7,810,103 System and method for validating communication specification conformance between a device driver and a hardware device
17 7,810,100 Employing a servicing user-interface shell to service a presented user-interface shell
18 7,810,085 Removal of unnecessary read-to-update upgrades in software transactional memory
19 7,810,043 Media user interface left/right navigation
20 7,810,042 Page bar control
21 7,810,035 Browsing web content using predictive navigation links
22 7,809,985 Offline hardware diagnostic environment
23 7,809,940 Remote certificate management
24 7,809,938 Virtual distributed security system
25 7,809,851 Session description message extensions
26 7,809,844 International regulatory compliance for ad hoc networking
27 7,809,820 Optimizing encrypted wide area network traffic
28 7,809,813 System and method for providing content-oriented services to content providers and content consumers
29 7,809,798 Shared object stores for a networked computer system
30 7,809,764 Method and apparatus for preserving dependancies during data transfer and replication
31 7,809,748 Extended cell information in multidimensional data models
32 7,809,741 Generating and utilizing composite keys in lieu of compound keys
33 7,809,723 Distributed hierarchical text classification framework
34 7,809,719 Predicting textual candidates
35 7,809,704 Combining spectral and probabilistic clustering
36 7,809,678 Fact dimensions in multidimensional databases
37 7,809,670 Classification of malware using clustering that orders events in accordance with the time of occurance
38 7,809,648 System and method for software licensing
39 7,809,604 Method and apparatus for component plan analysis under uncertainty
40 7,809,599 Selection of items based on relative importance
41 7,809,582 System and method for providing a consistent visual appearance to output generated by multiple applications
42 7,809,568 Indexing and searching speech with text meta-data
43 7,809,567 Speech recognition application or server using iterative recognition constraints
44 7,809,500 Resolving discrepancies between location information and route data on a navigation device
45 7,809,384 User-input scheduling of synchronization operation on a mobile device based on user activity
46 7,809,357 System and method for optimizing network communication in response to network conditions
47 7,809,242 Recording resource limitation resolution
48 7,809,208 Image sharpening with halo suppression
49 7,809,185 Extracting dominant colors from images using classification techniques
50 7,809,183 Gaze manipulation
51 7,809,124 Meeting lobby for web conferencing
52 7,808,532 Strategies for extracting foreground information using flash and no-flash image pairs
53 7,808,506 Intelligent caching data structure for immediate mode graphics
54 7,808,477 Scroll disc input apparatus for a data processing device
55 7,808,475 Photo-luminescent backlight support for power saving