Microsoft patents granted on 06 May 2008

49 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D568,409 Portion of a steering wheel for a game controller
2 D568,386 Set of the letter “p” for a type font
3 D568,385 Set of the letter “g” for a type font
4 D568,384 Set of the letter “b” for a type font
5 D568,383 Type font
6 D568,382 Type font
7 D568,335 Icon for a portion of a display screen
8 D568,305 Control and display combination for a phone
9 D568,276 Disc reader
10 7,370,333 Efficient processing of a convoy workflow scenario in a message driven process
11 7,370,321 Systems and methods to read, optimize, and verify byte codes for a multiplatform jit
12 7,370,317 Automated generation of message exchange pattern simulation code
13 7,370,315 Visual programming environment providing synchronization between source code and graphical component objects
14 7,370,290 Contact card
15 7,370,288 Method and system for selecting objects on a display device
16 7,370,287 Dynamic controls for use in computing applications
17 7,370,275 System and method for providing context to an input method by tagging existing applications
18 7,370,274 System and method for formatting objects on a page of an electronic document by reference
19 7,370,212 Issuing a publisher use license off-line in a digital rights management (DRM) system
20 7,370,199 System and method for n-way authentication in a network
21 7,370,197 Method and system for authenticating messages
22 7,370,196 Controlled-content recoverable blinded certificates
23 7,370,195 Moving principals across security boundaries without service interruption
24 7,370,194 Security gateway for online console-based gaming
25 7,370,129 Retry strategies for use in a streaming environment
26 7,370,082 Remote invalidation of pre-shared RDMA key
27 7,370,071 Method for serving third party software applications from servers to client computers
28 7,370,067 Maintaining time-date information for syncing low fidelity devices
29 7,370,066 System and method for offline editing of data files
30 7,370,060 System and method for user edit merging with preservation of unrepresented data
31 7,370,053 Coordinating transactional web services
32 7,370,052 Efficiently and reliably providing message related data
33 7,370,051 Database driven type extensibility
34 7,370,050 Discoverability and enumeration mechanisms in a hierarchically secure storage system
35 7,370,040 Searching with adaptively configurable user interface and extensible query language
36 7,370,031 Generation of high affinity media
37 7,370,017 Redistribution of rights-managed content and technique for encouraging same
38 7,370,002 Modifying advertisement scores based on advertisement response probabilities
39 7,369,997 Controlling speech recognition functionality in a computing device
40 7,369,850 Connectivity notification displaying path to connection
41 7,369,750 Managing record events
42 7,369,709 Conditional lapped transform
43 7,369,702 Template-based cursive handwriting recognition
44 7,369,610 Enhancement layer switching for scalable video coding
45 7,369,121 Input device with a zoom apparatus
46 7,369,117 Application programming interface that maps input device controls to software actions
47 7,369,102 System and method for navigating a graphical user interface on a smaller display
48 7,367,888 Player trust system and method
49 7,367,508 System and method for tracking URL usage